Answer: Bibliology is the study of the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible is the inspired source of knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternity. BIBLIOLOGY – THE DOCTRINE OF THE BIBLE. The Lord has given us His Word in order for us to know with certainty what life with Him is in reality. And with our. DOCTRINAL STATEMENT. I. Bibliology- The Doctrine of the Bible. A. I believe that the Bible is a reflection of God’s Character. Since He is perfect, His Word is.

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You will see the patience of the early believers in accepting Thd Testament writings. It was important that it be included in the ancient versions of the Bible.

The Old Testament B. When men are about to die, it is unlikely they would call for the reading of Shakespeare or Poe. It is important to know that plenary verbal inspiration is generally held as the type of biblical inspiration which has brought man the Scriptures.

And remember, we are to look for faithful men, not those necessarily who are enthusiastic, 2 Timothy 2: A mystical approach to words from God abounds.

A5 views nicely on tablets and smart phones. The third test relates to authenticity. Make every truth tenfold your own by passing it on. Test 3 The third test relates to authenticity. And the Epistles become the ultimate elaboration of His life and all that it means.

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Roman Catholicism is quick to assert that the traditions of the church have equal authority with the Scriptures. He who has seen Jesus has seen all that the Father is.

The style of writing varies from writer to writer Peter doctdine Paul. What effect can Scripture have on a life because of its unique nature? Preservation Extends to the Actual Words. Is it a record of things that actually happened?

Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture

What would you feel about a man who had been crucified, drowned, stoned and yet lived? This is a section we deal with the nature of the uniqueness docttrine the Bible. Plenary Verbal —The Scripture is fully and equally inspired.

It also opens the door to the rejection of the miraculous. One by one, men told their stories. One old tribesman said, “If it were not for these Bibles, we would have you in the pot. Those who tje saw Jesus and experienced a relationship with Him during their lifetime.

Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture | A Systematic Study in Christian Theology

Although there were 44 authors who wrote 66 books on at least 50 different subjects, and although these men were scholars, shepherds, kings, fishermen, medical doctors, tax collectors, teachers and statesmen, and although few of these men knew each other, there is perfect agreement.

Jeremiah, Isaiah, Micah, Hosea and others. Scientific text books years old are a curiosity. Each writer or author must be a recognized spokesman or key person in the family of God by the early church. Some hold that God actually speaks to them and the words are authoritative.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The term means that the Scriptures are wholly and equally inspired. These are accurate recordings of statements that were not true. Partial Inspiration —The doctrine and moral truths are inspired. The problem with this book was that it has no stated author. Neither the voting public, nor the electoral college, nor doftrine federal judge have the right to set up an adjoining office next to the president!


Let the truth of Scripture grip you and govern you. You will understand how the books of the Bible were chosen from among many writings. We acknowledge the limitations of human language, but do not believe these limitations undermine the inerrancy of Scripture.

What do the following verses say about the method involved in Scripture’s coming into existence? And one asked Franklin where he had ever found such a story. The Scriptures also contain prophetic utterances that speak of the future and what is to come and as well as what has already been fulfilled, cf.

Preservation Extends to the Actual Words V. What bibke against the Holy Spirit is committed when one is disobedient to His leading, 1 Thessalonians 5: This word means to “build up” or to bless.