Auto Expo Coverage – Devinci Manchester Bike – Advice. Hi There, I recently have returned to recreational biking after no really riding much for about 15 years. Join Date: Apr ; Posts: New Bike Advice . 1K+ but shops in the chicagoland area have s and s for less than 1K- that’s a nice.

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Steel track frame now just “too old skool” and you would be giving away more than a “marginal gain” if you went down that route.

How good a coverage do they give compared to normal guards, and do they actually clear the tyre? Still as long as he is making a good living at it Any advice or recommendations?

Perhaps consider a zzr? I got a Hybrid Giant two years ago via local cycle shop. If you are in the market for a track bike, make sure thats what you buy, and not a fixie frame as you will not be allowed to ride it bikeadviice the track. Boardman bikes are exceptional value for money and always get excellent reviews check out bikeradar.

Does that sound adequate? Friend of mine fitted one to his commuting bike, and it’s quite impressive, not in the same league as the Rohloff, but better than Sturmy Archer and Shimano hubs, so well worth the money. Check the brakes, spongy is bad.


If you can’t find what fits him in the men’s stuff, check out ladies work boots, you’ll never notice a difference in style, and they come in much smaller sizes. I think ‘thecookie’ takes the prize on this for the complete randomness of his post! You can pick up some good deals in there if you know what you are looking for.

Offroad bike advice please. | Pedelecs – Electric Bike Community

Carry on I have post to go. Onto my third groupset now.

Thanks all, great feedback. There have been a couple of occasions when I have run out of juice a few miles from my destination, so then you are back to pedaling a 20Kg bike which is only really a problem on a reasonably steep hill and get’s you fitter quicker. A 4 stroke with a “R” in the model, means its a racing bike. Race bikes are usually maintained, but they don’t work well at putting around.

Weight Weenies

The main style of riding track verus cross country versus trail and maintenance. For me, i hate 4 stroke Mon Jul 02, 3: Halfords Group to stock Brompton Started by: An NJS Keirin bike would be purely for looks. Get e-mail or text message alerts on new posts.

Shall I start again? We have had cheap bikes for years done Dalby loads, Clumber park, Berwick, Sherwood etc etc Good luck with your hunt and don’t forget to buy good quality and good fitting protective gear. Apr 15, 5, www. Cyclezee Esteemed Pedelecer Apr 13, Ended up with a CBRF, had it about 8 weeks now and very pleased with it so far. Government releases 2 year action plan to improve road safety Started by: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


In a nutshell, it will handle any terrain that you can handle, just like any non-powered mountain bike will. I would always go to an independant retailer Woodrup. The important thing to consider when buying bikes, are childs riding ability how is he on a bicycle? If you’re outside the city limits, then you’ve no problem at all. OK it was a lot of money to spend on a bicycle, but hey I have cycle camped from Manchester to Scotland numerous times, and the bike is stil as sweet as the day I built it, it’s Rohloff and Disc brake specific, and I have never seen anything like it in a bike shop.

CBRF for what every one said below. Great contribution to the discussion!