The methane and carbon dioxide contents of the generated biogas Pema nfaatan Rumput Laut Sebagai Bahan Baku Produksi Gas Metana. Evaluasi Mutu dan Penanganan Pascapanen Rumput Laut Eucheuma Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Waste to Improve Bioethanol and Biogas Production. Phytoremediation is the utilization of green plants to remove pollutants from the environment. A central component of this technology is the use of plants as living .

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The higher ISR will increase the yields of methane in biogas while carbon dioxide gas decreasing. Enhancement buogas Biogas Production from Capsule Marine biomasses such as green seaweeds are reported to contain far less lignin than terrestrial biomass and thus conceptually making them good feedstock for biogas production. Making biogas is done by collecting seaweed and beach sediments as seedman making, preparation of the digester and the making of starter and stuffing, were examined by using biogas pressure manometer U for three months, analyze the data descriptively biogas pressure.

Further, total nitrogen N was analysed using Kjeldahl method.

rjmput Acclimatization can influence the activity of methanogenic bacteria toward a wide variety of potentially inhibitory substance. However, Raposo et al. A laboratory scale two phase anaerobic digester was used to investigate suitability of cheese whey for biogas production.

N ratio of biomass were around Evaluation and modification of processes for bioethanol separation and production. Biogas production from microalgae grown in wastewater.

Studies of Biogas Production from Green Seaweeds

N ratio ranging from The lignin content of U. Other traces of components were not identified in the GC. Taken from the website, www.


These dqri showed that co-digestion wastes produce more biogas Green seaweeds as well as brown seaweeds were reported as a good candidate of feedstock for producing biogas because of high methane yields Bruhn et al. Aidewise-biogas plant for biogas production Higher gas yield in comparison to other systems due to the more effective plug The method used is a laboratory experimental methods. This result indicates that the activity of methanogenic bacteria is quite slow.

However, these results can vary depend on time and pretreatment of the biomass. The biogas generated was measured daily to study the biodegradability of the biomass and further, chemically oxygen demand COD of the slurry was measured. Furthermore, this value will increase when methane content in the biogas increasing. Further, the higher content of bacteria than substrate, the faster biodegradation will occur.

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Making biogas process is conducted at the Laboratory of Marine Science. The AB process for each feedstock was also studied by measuring chemical oxygen demand COD of the slurry in the digester and all of data are sampled triplicate.

Further, a terrestrial biomass, banana stem lauut, was used as comparison. Methane and carbon dioxide contents in the produced biogas were measured with gas chromatography. The thrust of this strategy is to gradually The Biomass was sun dried after cleaned from sands and the dried biomass was then placed in plastic bag and stored at room temperature.

Tampilan Petugas: Kajian Teknologi Produksi Biogas Dari Sampah Basah Rumah Tangga

The experimental set up is shown in Fig. Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes.


International Journal of Environment and Bioenergy,3 3: Lignin was assayed with Klasson method according to Kim et al. Biogas produced in the end daro process 28 days is higher than that produced from banana stem waste with 4. Flammability test of biogas produced from biomass U. AB process was conducted until 28 days.

Furthermore, total N that resulted was low 1. These results show that rumlut production rate will increase with increasing of ISR fari of high methanogenic bacteria in ISR 2: N2 gas was also present dominantly in the biogas and it decreases drastically in the fifteen days of AB process, with the other gases concentration total summed up to Marine biomasses such as seaweeds, also known as macroalgae, were reported to be biomass resources for biogas because they have good anaerobic biodegradability for biogas production.

In both cases lauh environmental impacts has perceived through directly polluting rivers and streams as well Aug 20, – ISSN: Furthermore, mL feed was added every 3 days and slurry also was removed at the same time.

Acclimatization of inoculums is needed since it aims to adapted bacteria with feed environment. Biogas, Lecture Note in Indonesian: Acclimatization of Inoculums Concentration of CH4 as well as CO2 increased smoothly until 14 days which is only cow manure that added in digester as shown in Fig.