SpeciesPseudotolithus typusCroaker. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!. Pseudotolithus is a genus of croaker or bar, ray-finned fish in the family Sciaenidae. Selected species[edit]. Pseudotolithus elongatus – bobo croaker; Pseudotolithus senegalensis – cassava croaker; Pseudotolithus senegallus – law croaker; Pseudotolithus typus – longneck. YHOPSIS C. Pseudotolithus. Prepared by. A.R. Longhurst. ‘o. BIOLOGICAL L[A ON WES’I’. RICAN CRO! ERS typus, P. senegalensis and P. elonatt. FOOD ND.

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Length frequency distribution of Pseudotolithus typus males. Fish samples were identified to the species level using fish identification keys by Schneider [25]. Pseudotolithus typus Bleeker, Specimens were dissected and gonads were removed for weight measurements.

Springer Verlag, Berlin, Implications for conservation and management. The linear relationship of fecundity with gonad weight was examined as: The standard length was measured using sex, vulnerability to fishing gear and the spatial, seasonal and the cm Measuring Board to the nearest 0. They could probably be due to the type of gears used in these reported isometric growth, which implies that the fish length localities and the areas in which these species were caught.

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Implications for conservation and management. Estimation pseurotolithus growth parameters and mortality Therefore, urgent management been numerous studies in which GSI has been used as an interventions in form of close seasons are needed to safeguard indicator of gonad development, i.


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The ratio of males to females was found to be 0. The Gonadosomatic Index determined within five categories, based on morphological GSI was used to determine the spawning period. The Animal Diversity Web online. The population was distributed as indicated in Table 1. Images Pseudotolithus typus map. In addition to this group, modes at 0. Monthly averages for GSI Figure 8 peaked twice a year, in February off in October, suggesting two spawning periods per year.

Gonad maturation stages were also examined. This work is part of a Ph. Confused by a class within a class or an order within an order? Rowe S, Hutching JA.

Variability in maturing and growth in a heavily exploited stock: This situation, of harvesting prespawning fishes, may cause a greater reduction in the catch in near future.

Fishing News Books, Oxford, The data on sex ratio is presented in Table 2. Gonadosomatic indices trend of P. F Chi-square X2 Pseudotolithus senegalensis July 31 17 14 1.

Pseudotolithus – Wikipedia

However, information on sex ratio, size at first sexual maturation, spawning seasons and fecundity could be a useful input in deciding on sustainable management measures. Maps showing Benin in Africa a of Benin b and sampling pseudotolithuus c. Such limitation of scientific [11]. Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. The biollogy indication of spawning. Dominance of females wellbeing of the species could be linked to the notable change over males was recorded in studies by Sidibe [24] and in the environment Sossoukpe, [26].


Marine Species Identification Portal : Long-neck croaker – Pseudotolithus typus

Length frequency distribution of Pseudotolithus senegalensis both sex. The dependence of the Beninese on fish has resulted in a demand that far outstrips the total local production from capture fisheries both marine and inland waters. Numbers of spines at dorsal fin and Inter-Orbital length were the two discriminative morpho-meristic factors that could be used to reinforce macroscopically the difference between P. The fishery sector supports an informal workforce of 1. Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts.

These two Sciaenids are easily mistaken. Remember me on this computer. The immature stock of ova was found in all the subsequent stages. Washington Sea Grant Program, Seattle, Bionomics of the Sdaenidae of Tropical West Africa. Coastal waters serve as an important spawning area as well as a nursery zone for juveniles Blaber et al.

Fisheries Research, Materials and Methods fish species that is widely consumed locally by Liberian 2. To improve chances for a sustainable Longneck croaker fishery in the nearshore waters of Benin, better enforcement of fishing regulations governing the open access coastal fishery coupled with community-based management of the nearshore fishery that reduced fishing effort during the reproductive periods from February to May and from October to December yearly will be beneficial.