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For this step, you can opt to add comments for documentation or for the incident’s post mortem review. Now all Activities have their bizwgi interfaces set up none show an alert icon. In the User Configuration tab, this time select the Analysis role:.

If it does not, testing will reveal where your design needs refinement. This form appears to the Requester once the agent has analyzed and the ticket and proposed a resolution.

Expand the Pages item and set which roles are authorized to view and use each of the options presented to end users. Once you have logged in thtorial the Work portal, click the New case menu option and select All processes to display a list of all available processes built so far:.

You build applications and business processes through the Bizagi Studio Windows desktop application.

Bizagi video tutorials

Switch to the Organizations tab, tktorial assign the current default Organization named Organization. You can re-arrange the position of entities within the diagram for clarity purposes. Detailed description, Severity, and Ticket attachments. Over the next steps, complete the process diagram, by using some of the features you have learned.

How to’s > Bizagi tutorial

Notice that Report ticket no longer displays an alert because its user interface has been configured. Repeat the procedure with the other Sequence Flow and label it Yes:. We tutoriak and capture the ideas that deliver changes.


Repeat the procedure you used with Analyze and resolve. Modeling the process means bizagj diagramming the series of activities that make up the workflow of a process, from start to end. After you click Add Severity, the cursor is in the first column needing your input Name for this value.

Locate the process diagram graphic view icon to the left of the one-line summary information, and click it. Each instance of a Help Desk entity will have an attribute of type Severity to store the level of severity of the case. In the end, all of these should have Tuutorial as the only listed role, set as Allow:. Be your best with our tailored training, based on the perfect blend of your skills and needs. In the Organizations tab, assign the same default Organization:. Through the Help desk sample process presented by this tutorial, you can see how different users having separate roleswork with Bizagi, while having ACL s in place to establish well-defined boundaries about what each role may and may not do.

Bizagi Maintenance

The submitted ticket has been numbered as case 1, and it is currently assigned to user U For more information on this, refer to Customizing controls behavior. The process starts when a requester fills out a ticket to seek for assistance using a Report ticketas depicted by the simplified Help desk flow.

Clicking OK closes the window and returns you to futorial Entities module view. This time, the Help desk process is accessible through the list of Recent processes:. Click New process in tuforial Process wizard step number 1 “Model process” and give your process a name. At this point, the parameter entity is properly set up, and no further configuration is needed vizagi Bizagi Studio for the scope of this tutorial.


Setting authorization means configuring access rights so you can establish well-defined boundaries around what tutorual of the roles may and may not accomplish. Then click the logged-in user’s avatar at the upper right titorial and click Log out:. This action modifies your current form to look the same as the one you defined for Analyze and resolve. Add the Gateway right next to it, and still inside the top Lane Requester:. Use the shortcut at the step of the wizard, to directly jump to step five Performers:.

Automation Service provides all the power of the Bizagi Digital Business platform directly in the cloud. Since the condition for Review and document is the same as for Analyze and resolvethe same procedure is applicable. The Severity entity used in this tutorial stores a preset bizaagi with values to choose from in this case, a Critical, Medium or Low qualification that enables a classification of tickets.

Start drawing the process diagram by dragging a Start Event into the top Lane Requester:. Then click Add User Role in the right panel and select Analysis from the drop-down list:. Switch to the Controls tab, and expand Containers.