Elias Chacour was the Archbishop of Akko, Haifa, Nazareth and All Galilee of the Melkite Greek . Chacour is the author of two best selling books, Blood Brothers and We Belong to the Land. Blood Brothers covers his childhood growing up in. Elias Chacour enjoyed a simple childhood in Biram, a small village in Galilee. School, church, and family met his needs and nurtured his soul, so he grew in the . Elias Chacourt is a Melkite Catholic priest and a Palestinian. Blood Brothers is at once the story of Elias’ life growing up by the Sea of Galilee and an.

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So many seemed to think that submitting to humiliation was the only Christian alternative. The co-educational Mar Elias Educational Institutions enroll 2, students from age 3 through 18, including MuslimsChristiansand Druze. The book Blood Brothers was a well written and insightful book. The men of Galilee are able to help him with a saying.

Elias Chacour

It means we conquer by stooping, by serving with love and kindness, even if it means personal danger or financial hardship. By early Jews fled Iraq in panic until only 5, remained in the country. Second, our lives are bonded together with the Jews–our blood brothers from Father Abraham. They warmed my heart, and inspired my chzcour in new ways, to new levels. Eilas Epstein, an agriculturist, warned the Zionist Party that they “had wrongly consulted every political power that held sway over Palestine without consulting the Palestinians themselves Trivia About Blood Brothers.

He hurt for the Jewish people and recognized their need for a homeland but wondered why the persecuted had become chacuor. Want to Read saving…. Elias’ family was forced from their village, their orchards ultimately being sold to a Zionist investor.

But the blold true gem of stamina is its special spiritual focus on reflecting the light of Christ in a dark place, and it is this quality that ensures its being a timeless treasure for believers no matter the headlines.

Blood Brothers from BookRags. Work, For the Night is Coming.


Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour

The newly formed high school moved from temporary quarters in the community eliaas to the new building as soon as it was ready. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Blood Brothers covers his childhood growing eliss in the town of Biram, his development into a young man, and his early years as a priest in Ibillin. It was intriguing to read about the upbringing that the author experienced with peaceful parents and bloor Israeli events.

Oct 10, Aaron H. Several people from my church started a Holy Land team and regularly visit Palestine. Chacour came to the village of Ibillin in the Galilee as a young priest in He has dedicated his life to ellas Jews, Christians, and Muslims together If you are the type of person who reads for enjoyment and likes to be captivated by what you read, then I do not recommend this book for you.

Niwano Peace Prize laureates. Eventually he was sent to a seminary in Paris to study for the priesthood.

Blood Brothers – Elias Chacour

Fantasy written in page-turner thriller style. Account Options Sign in. Oct 28, Ronia Dubbaneh rated it really liked it. Chacour locked the church doors and exhorted them to act like Christians and forgive each other.

Elias Chacour – Wikipedia

This book is the first book to use true life accounts about the middle east and about the birth of modern day israel. I have always disliked nonfiction books and whenever I had to read one for a class it was a labor. Blood Brothers is an autobiography written by Elias Chacour. She told how she witnessed her teenage cousin being shot through the head after he picked up a rock in response to Israel soldier taunts. Having read his book in which only elderly nuns are mentioned, I couldn’t quite imagine him at an advanced age forcing himself on a young woman.

We This is a must read for anyone who thinks they know anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Well worth the 2nd read. He thought about Jesus as the peacemaker and wondered how he could emulate Him.

You who live in the United States, if you are pro-Israel, on behalf of the Palestinian children I call unto you: When Hazard tried to explain that Americans don’t know about these things, she said, “Of course Americans know we’re suffering over here. No wonder Palestinian militants are blowing themselves up. Any Christian or Muslim or Jew could read this and should. Imagine you’re a Christian child and a native of the Holy Land, living there as you and your family practice your faith in the very setting of Jesus’ earthly life.


The main character is a Palestinian Christian and he is doing wonderful things to change his corner of the world. This book was effective in that it was able to keep the reader interested throughout most of the book while also bringing historical facts into it and being capable of teaching the reader about what happened. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a huge issue if it weren’t that they then determine their stances based on biases fed to them by the media.

Even as a young child, he particularly enjoyed going off by himself to talk with his hero, Jesus, a man he came to know not just as the Christian savior but as a human with strength and purpose. I don’t know very much about the Middle East, and to be honest, even after many, many explanations, by many, many different people and books, I have had a hard time understanding why peace isn’t easier to foster in those nations.

I would also recommend it to anyone who needs a refresher or they just need to learn about the middle east because like I said before, we need to make a change. Then I was saddened t I loved this book.

I felt that having this new perspective on historical events and being able to see it bkood through the eyes of someone who was there was very powerful. The main character is a young Palestinian boy that lives a happy life in the small village of Briam.