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Sharada Desha, poetry and saffron — Bilhana. The influence of Vedanta is prominent in the sacred literatures of Hinduism, such as the various Puranas, Samhitas, Bhahya and Tantras.

Vedanta – Bharatasahitya

Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts. The impact of Brahma-sutra text on Vedanta, and in turn Hinduism, has been historic and central, states Nakamura: With an Appendix on the Philosophy of the Vedanta in Its. Chronology of Hindu texts. The released soul abides in non-division from the highest Self Brahmanbecause that is seen.

The manifest and the unmanifest have been counted together as twenty four. Let there be Peace in my environment!

Brahma Sutra Bhashya

He, the omnipresent one, sustains Her who is common to one and all, the yielder of desired objects and is enjoyed by the sacrificers. Some aver Him the great Lord as the twenty sixth Principle ; others as the twenty seventh; the masters of the Atharva-Veda and the Atharva Upanishads know the Spirits beyond qualities, as set forth in the Sankhya. Having been dissolved they exist in the Avyakta — this is the secret doctrine. Views Read Edit View history. The nature and influence of Brahma-sutra, states Paul Deussen, “stands to the Upanishad’s in the same relation as the Christian Dogmatics to the New Testament: Sribhashyam of Sri Ramanuja Part 1.

Brahmasutra bhashyam

Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. The majority of the traditional and conservative scholars in India today, called Pandits, are students of Vedanta, and an overwhelming number belong to the lineage of Shankara — five sixths of all Pandits, according to some authorities. Numerous commentaries have been written on the Brahma-sutra text, but many such as that of Bodhayana, [note 7] Upavarsa, [note 8] and eighteen out of twenty one mentioned by Narayana in Madhvavijaya-bhava-prakashika are considered lost.


Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda. The light into which the soul enters is the Self, owing to the subject-matter of the chapter.

Retrieved from ” https: Meditation is defined in Vedanta texts bahma commentary on the Sutras, states Klaus Witz, as “a continuous succession of comparable basic conceptions, beliefs, not interspersed with dissimilar ones, which proceeds according to the scriptures and relates to an object enjoined in the scriptures”. The highest truth is Brahman, one without a second, the true self, atman.

Vedanta gives the clarity that individual and the all mighty Lord are one and brauma same. The knowledge which librates the person who becomes one with Vedic vision is that you are the whole and there is no difference whatsoever between You, the Universe and the God.

Welcome to the Brahma Sutra website! State University of New York Press. Those who see with the eye of wisdom, the twice-born, perceive Him as comprising everything from Brahma to sticks, as one only, pure through and through, all pervading.

Some scholars, such as Sengaku Mayeda, state Brahmasutra that has survived into the modern times may be the work of multiple authors but those who lived after Badarayana, and that these authors composed the currently surviving Brahmasutra starting about BCE through about CE.

The world under such power and guidance gives rise to the values of man. The last three sutras of the chapter 3 assert that a person, pursuing means to spiritual knowledge, should seek a childlike state of innocence, a psychological state that is free of anger, self-centeredness, pride and arrogance.

The sages established in Sattva behold the Absolute beyond Gunaa right in the surra of gunas. Hermann Jacobi in early 20th century suggested that Madhyamaka Buddhist concepts such as Sunyavadaacknowledged in the Brahma-sutras, may be a late invention, and suggests that both Sunyavada and Brahma-sutras may therefore have emerged between CE.

The third padastates George Thibaut, opens a new section and theme in chapter 3 of the Brahma-sutras, asserting that meditation is central to the Vedic texts, and summarizing the Vedic theories, from different Shakha Vedic schoolson “how the individual soul is enabled by meditation on Brahman to obtain final release”.


The Brahma sutras consists of aphoristic verses sutras in four chapters. The theories of other orthodox traditions are discussed in 2. The text reviews and critiques most major orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy as well as all heterodox Indian philosophies such as Buddhism, with the exception of Samkhya and Yoga philosophies which it holds in high regards and recurrently refers to them in all its four chapters, adding in sutras 2.

See page li in Thibaut’s Introduction. We like to key-in and record in all languages on Adi Shankara’s works, with teluugu any other explanation. Vedanta Hegel’s concept of Indian philosophy. The diversity of Brahma-sutra commentaries by various sub-schools of Hinduism see table attests to the central importance of the Upanishads, that the text summarizes.

Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History. Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me! It helps one to get clarity of Vedanta. And for this very reason there is no need of the lighting of the fire and so on. Cross-Cultural and Comparative Perspectives Editor: The atomistic physico-theological theories of Vaisheshika and Samkhya school are the focus of the first seventeen sutras of Pada 2.

The sutras in the text can be, and have been read in different ways. Qualified Advaita Vaishnavism []. These Sanskrit texts can be viewed on this website in any of 11 Indian language scripts, including Roman. Advaita need not explain why a perfect deity was motivated to create the world, nor why an all-loving God created a world with evil. The sutras of the Brahmasutra are aphorisms, which Paul Deussen states to be “threads stretched out in weaving to form the basis of the web”, and intelligible “when the woof is added” with a commentary.

Texts have to be edited.