From the Publisher: With full-color maps, secrets of the game direct from Square Electronic Arts, and bonus items for hardcore gamers, this title walks players. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi. Help for Brave Fencer Musashi on PlayStation. More help, hints and discussion. : Brave Fencer Musashi Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides) () by BradyGames and a great selection of similar.

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Activate the Water Crest here, and you’ll see that yet another scroll has been revealed. From there, enter the doorway, and you will now find yourself in the first ice block brqve. Use the Earth attack on it to activate it.

Here’s what to do. After saving the village, go to the Inn, rest up, and save your game. The mayor is sick, though, and you have to take over for him. After speaking to him, use the Memory Box you passed on the way down.

Get it, then exit the room. Use your Earth Ability about times to lower it, then run over it and go through the door with the circle on it. After doing this, you’ll get a treasure chest that will be on top of the blue eye. But that’s not the end! Unlock Princess Fillet Action Figure. On the beach, at the Island of Dragons.

Assimilate Hop from a enemy, then use it to hop across the spiked vines that are on the ground. Now, for a rather silly would-be mini-game, Bowling strahegy Vambees! Get on it, ride it up, and jump off to your left. Now, go back to the castle, and learn your first technique from the maid!


You need the Legendary Belt, which allows you to double-jump, to get to her. Go back across the bridge, and once you find the flower pot enemy, head west, and you’ll find a secret area inside of the trees. Popular Games Spyro the Dragon Spyro: Each one requires you to turn them a set number of times when the pressure gague is in the green.

Brave Fencer Musashi FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

It’s near the water crest, towards the southwestern part of the forest. Double-jump into the church yard, and talk to the pastor there. Go through the door on the left, then go down the room, then out the top-right door. After killing him, head all the way back to the Palace. While doing this, charge your charge gauge until it’s flashing. Don’t worry about clearing out all of the poison, just reach the other side of the tunnel, and it will never return.

Brave Fencer Musashi – Walkthrough

On Twinpeak Mountain, an another small ledge, past the first log. Please try again later. Then, go ahead and ride the funky machines. Find the 3 different pillars and use your Earth attack on them to lower them into the water.

Official Brave Fencer Musashi Strategy Guide by BradyGames Staff

Use your Lumina Attack to break it, and you’ll fener the Water Ring. Go and grab the bell, and toss your way with it back to the entrance of the mine.


Go down the pole, and you’ll find another Bincho Field. Here is where you first find out how useful and hard to control the Sky Scroll really can be.

Lets Go Eevee Walkthrough and. It reduces his Tiredness rating, as do the items by the same name. Soon, you’ll run into none other than that little freak-jerk, Kojiro. According to them, the entrance is behind the counter. In no time at all, you’ll have Kojiro defeated, and the princess saved. Like anyone else I could probably write a book on all the bad ones, the mediocre ones and the few good ones but to be honest I wanted to write a review for this guide because in the end I feel it is a pretty good product.

Starts throwing out sword waves. The fire it shoots out is invaluable for keeping the pesky Clone monsters at bay.

This next sequence is, with the exception of Steamwood part 2, the most annoying sequence in the game. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Also, fenceer should find Leanman in this maze, as well. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

After the rather disturbing but educational conversation with Bravs, go and use the Earth Scroll to dislodge the boulder blocking your exit from the pit. It lets you dig holes in the ground, and lets you fight off strong winds. You can clearly see her near the entrance. A cold and calculating strategist.