Brett ventures into Larry Carlton territory with a tasteful, soul-filled blues solo over Brett Garsed pulls out his most soulful licks this issue. In the first of a three-parter, Dario Cortese meets up with Australian guitar virtuoso Brett Garsed for hybrid picking explanation In March of this year I had to. BRETT GARSED INTERVIEW Ive tried to copy a few of your licks and you have an amazing way of changing directions when your playing legato lines.

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Just a subtle change in the order of notes can present a completely new possibility.

Non-pattern Pentatonics

MARK Ive tried to copy a few of your licks and you have an amazing way of changing directions when your playing legato lines. You can get this one up to a pretty blistering speed, but it also has a nice rhythmic syncopation if played slowly. After relocating to LA for a period, Brett now has a long list of recordings and collaborations with some of the most important fusion players on the planet, including Frank Gambale, Shawn Lane and T.

Can’t wait to see the next generation of it. In the first of a three-parter, Dario Cortese meets up with Australian guitar virtuoso Brett Garsed for hybrid picking explanation…. Exercise 5 is a good example of how experimental you can be with various shapes when you combine the min7 arpeggios with regular scale intervals.

E major arpeggio using groupings of 4 strings for the picking hand.

BRETT I really like valve amps because of the way they respond dynamically but hopefully I can pull a half decent tone out of anything. Another major influence for Brett Garsed is, surprisingly, country pedal steel player. Great sounds and very well made. Did you ever get into the 8 fingered technique. After a few months he acquired the basic slide technique so he decided to go back to standard tuning and see what he could get out of it. BRETT Try playing scales or anything for that matter using only your third and fourth finger on your picking hand.


This technique consists of using the free tarsed of the fretting hand in combination with the slide. Brett plays the D Mixolydian mode to explain his basic picking hand approach. Don’t focus on speed.

BRETT GARSED – Guitar Addiction

This is just the A major scale in one octave playing using groupings of two fingers for the fretting hand at a time.

Two octave A major played with ring and pinky only. What guitars have you used and what is the tuition video lic,s for you and us? During the Masterclass Brett pointed out that playing slide he always a little compromise: MARK Do you have any faith or spiritual views? Trying to incorporate fingers into your playing is something that needs time and constant work, and one of the main problems to solve is the articulation of ring and little fingers.

Crimson- King hardtail- bridge or harley synths- fun alaogue- great saxaphone- heavenly voodoo- chile yoda- big lkcks contracts- suck! BRETT Take a small idea and see how many different ways you can play it using the same notes but different strings and techniques.

Brett starts his solo playing a couple of phrases around Bmaj7 and G m7 arpeggios. Facebook and email contact. Now Brett uses 11 to 52 strings with a low action because he figured that would have been better to use heavier strings with a lower action than lighter strings with a higher action.

When you see the first or fourth finger listed in succession, it’s meant to be flattened so it covers multiple strings. Record yourself in headphones as that will expose the smallest noise and if you can get rid of that then you’ll sound great while playing live.

Just keep trying things till you figure out a way to stop the unwanted noise. Muting is a very personal subject so you may have to experiment using either the palm of your picking hand, individual fingers of your picking hand to mute strings while you use your pick or the index finger of your fretting hand.


After the introduction with 4 note per strings Holdsworth influencehe plays a fragment of the B maj pentatonic and then a quick run that ends on the D maj 7 of E. It’ll seem weak at first but it’ll strengthen up quickly.

Those at the bottom are for the picking hand: Brett Garsed Masterclass 1. In these couple of bars you can see how naturally Brett incorporates fretted notes into the slide playing. MARK Hi bret, first let me say what a great privalage to interview you for our shredknowledge websiteits a great honor and I’m very exited.

Fig 6, 7 and 8: Of course this is just the starting point to develop control not necessarily speed but as Brett said: Transcribe them by all means but rather than just repeating what you’ve transcribed, try to analyze the notes and understand the formulas they’re applying and try to incorporate that into your own concepts.

Brett Garsed Masterclass 1 | Dario Cortese

Exercise 2 is based around the same ‘three notes per string’ approach but with a slight twist. I went to Russia last year and Romania this year so I’m still traveling.

My favorite amp is my Bogner Extasy without a doubt.

All these examples are for A minor pentatonic, tarsed, of course, they’ll work in any key, and although I’ve notated my own hybrid picking technique for these ideas, I encourage you to experiment with various other picking approaches and go with what feels natural.