Broken Verses [Kamila Shamsie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fourteen years ago, famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram. Broken Verses. By: Kamila Shamsie Media of Broken Verses. See larger image. Published: Format: Hardback. Edition: 1st. Extent: ISBN. Fourteen years ago Aasmaani’s mother Samina, a blazing beauty and fearless activist, walked out of her house and was never seen again. Aasmaani refuses to.

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I don’t need it that often, but a little bit more often than this would be fun. The setting is Pakistan and although it is a story of a missing mother, her murdered lover and a mystery, it is really about the grieving process. Every phrase of Shamsie is something I keep going back to, pondering over and falling in love with. Did she commit suicide?

Aasmaani’s lifelong familiarity with intrigue has also made her paranoid: In my effort to read all things Shamsie to prepare for reviewing her latest.

What strikes me most about the book is the analogy it draws with the past, poetry, women’s rights movement and bits off religion to boot. When they were in her life she was an interesting, well educated and incredibly bright child who was always learning and curius and full of life. Desperate love, politics, activism, depression and a contemporary Karachi lifeKamila Shamsie’s Broken Verses evrses it all. The one star is for fairly decent writing, but after a whil Okay, I know I’m cheating here but I’m done reading this book.

Pakistan isn’t This is a beautifully written story, and a fascinating glimpse into life in modern Pakistan. Serious issues are introduced. There were actual letters from The Poet and it was her dad that held him Captive. As she draws closer to the truth she is irresistibly drawn, too, to Ed, her ally and sparring partner, and the only person who can understand the profound hurt – and versed profound love – which drives her.


Wry, fetching and too clever for her own good, she is a captivating, unexpected heroine.

The people she still has vegses her life, the ones who have always been there for her and tried so hard to pull her back out of her shell, are her father, stepmother, and sister.

For years Shamsie spent equal amounts of time in London and Karachi, while also occasionally teaching creative writing at Hamilton College in New York State.


Feb 23, Royce Houthuijzen rated it really liked it. Agent, Victoria Hobbs at A. This process is particularly painful when someone close to you has unexpectedly or violently died. Since he already had his issues with Omi obviously having lost his wife to The Poet. Until we find out that they are Ed’s handy work. The main character, a spoiled, whining 30 year old woman, has not learned that she is not the center of the universe.

Broken Verses

This is a woman who always felt she came second to others, that she wasn’t enough for her mother to want to stay, or even to want to live. May 04, Karen C.

After a while, their trials and tribulations begin to feel a bit shallow, self absorbed and too “first world”. It isn’t very suprising though, since they seemed to create the character she was as a shqmsie as well. But all-in-all, I recommend it for beach reading. We are so desperate to be explicable to ourselves All of the characters were upper class intellectuals and very Westernized. She has this way of saying things that you’ve questioned or thought about at some point in your life.

Review: Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie | Books | The Guardian

Fourteen years ago, famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram disappeared. Some of it might have to do with the fact that we share a similar, ardent love for Karachi which in her case, is all too evident in her writing. Want to Kxmila saving…. It kept me interested, and I thought the resolution made sense.


I think this darker alternative could have been explored more Aasmaani is thirty, single, drifting from job to job. I was not entirely satisfied with the plot but have to give Kamila her due, her writing is as compelling and exquisite as ever. The chapters had kamula lovely continuity and were the perfect length. Clearly Kamila Shamsie is a grand writer to bro,en out for. That was Dad, that was fathers.

Broken Verses: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

While she is proud of her mother and supports her mother’s cause, she feels second to this as well. Given its grand themes of nation, politics and art, however, this book’s philosophical arc is disappointingly constrained.

Rich and arrogant male vs intelligent, headstrong independent woman, working together, battling egos until something changes and they inevitably get together in the end blah blah No one could have written this book any better.

Both Samina and the Poet were seen as troublesome by successive governments, and there was a constant cycle of prison and exile, both of which resulted in Aasmani being left behind and then reunited with her mother and stepfather. I wasn’t quite convinced. Did she run away her with her lover, the radical poet Omi who is presumed to have been beaten to death?