Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry Being a Dissertation on the Lost Knowledges of the Lodge by H P H Bromwell. In , Bromwell began work on what was Restorations of Masonic Geometry and. HPH Bromwell. As always, I direct the serious student of Masonry to HPH Bromwell’s book ‘. Restoration of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry’ as the book to read.

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Mercury the wanderer most erratic is also the one that supplies the bounds and limits for the seven spheres. Year 1 2 1 Language English. Bromwell was initiated into freemasonry inand he became the Grand Master of Illinois in According to Michell, the Temple was designed to attract or evoke the gods, and each was framed to include symbolic references to the appropriate deity. To review, we see that the hexagram represents Mercury’s range and the 30 degree lines on the floor, as well as being a symbol for the solar restortaion.

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The two circles touching are, of course, the hemispheres. He would have needed to tweak that a little to include Hebrew and Masonic Temples. Proceedings of the M.

Retrieved from ” https: The fact that the Earth is not an exact sphere, that it bulges at the equator, is the cause of the precession of the axis, nutation etc. So-called magic ceremonies desrcibe the movements to be taken, but I doubt if many understand the Masonic origins of their craft, or the astronomical ideas involved, or if a ‘magic circle’ even had limiting lines marked on it.

We note that Jupiter king of the planets after having deposed his father Saturn and the Teitans takes 12 years to orbit the sky. If you study symbolism much you will notice that Mercury figures largely in Masonic Symbolism, and while most people think that the connection is mythological, it is really astronomical.


Representative from Illinois from — and continued to practice law when he moved to Colorado in where he was appointed to compile the state’s statutes. Lists with This Book. Also Noah’s Ark is described as being x50x Heracles is Hera’s sun. Note the emblem of the Sun at the top.

As the Universe is continually being created, the mysteries took advantage of an interminglings of the ideas of work like labor and workings like the workings of a clock. Here in, I intend to introduce you to the basis of that system of proportion, which is bgomwell lost to modern Masonry for those who know where to look.

Henry P. H. Bromwell

Note that the head is male and the body is female. The scale would run from the size of Our King to the size of the Heavenly King, via seven planetary spheres. Bromwell was made a Freemason in Vandalia, Illinois, in Below we see these two images merged, and below that a magic circle which is actually a protective square. Whatever else people try to add to the ritual, the basic form is an oriented square cardinal directionsenclosed by a circle, enclosed by another square and so on, until you have nine spheres Enoch.

The zodiac belt is 18 degrees wide, and animals zoo in the ark were ‘zoodiac’ signs. At one point Michell says that. Including Noah makes eight which brings us to double squares again. While geometry and astronomy went hand in hand as far as the ‘measure’ of mmasonic orderly universe, they were connected through legends to what we call ‘the soul’s journey’.

Rev 12 and the stars of heaven fell to earth. All these divisions in three the number of balance originated from three pillars supporting the Heavens, three pillars of Tree geomstry Life. The first degree corresponds to the Northern view, the second degree to the Southern view, and the master’s degree to the middle view. We find that the symbolic floor of the Master’s Degree is composed of 25 stones; 24 around a cubic foundation stone.


Henry P. H. Bromwell – Wikipedia

Remember that since the Sun never gets above 24 degrees on the earth, people North of there always look to the South to see the Sun at noon; while people over 24 degrees South of the equator always have to look North for the Sun at noon.

It’s flat at the top and bulges at the equator a little. Restorations of Masonic geometry and symbolry being a dissertation on the lost knowledges of the lodge. Magic circles are really magic squares, in honor of Jupiter, who compliments Venus, the other benefic. The year begins in these culture at the September Equinox when the Sun moves below the equator.

Altars are square, like the breastplate of the priest, and the sanctuary in Ezekiel’s oblation. Restorations of Masonic geometry and symbolry being a masoonic on the lost knowledges of the lodge by Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell.

Imad Hmede marked it as to-read Apr 02, This is the Master’s Square on the center. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. No trivia or quizzes yet. Saturn was worshipped by the Romans as an offspring of the Sun, and ruled the Titans before the Olympians were in power. One of restoratkon main things that are depicted in the Lodge are astronomical lines such as the equator, the tropics and the artic circles. The Craft is older than any other so called religious dogma.

Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry. He was not a Mason or an architect. Restorations of masonic geometry and symbolry, being a dissertation on the lost knowledge of the lodge Refine Your Search Year.