Tebra is raising funds for Arianna Vance Comic by Tebra on Kickstarter! An original comic e-book centering on an adult teacher transformed. Fri, 11 Mar GMT — A Brownsville couple was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after they were caught in the act on. 10 PAGES BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS” MONDAY. FEBRUXRY W E A T H E R 1 Cloudy Skiet A Few Shower i 58 To 72 Degree* DIAL LI .

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The natives of Lake Jlark call the lemming mouse Kunjo6nee, the same name also being used for the tbera Lemmus. For instance, where does the successful production of cotton yield to that of wheat?

Brownsville – Page 17, in Guy BCaps’s Tebra Original Artwork Comic Art Gallery Room

Liopeltis vemalis I e Kay. Turnstones were not met again until we reached Nushagak, where hebra flock of about half a dozen were seen daily along the beach in front of the village.

At this time both rock and willow ptarmigans were to be found in the same flock, though in the more mountainous regions the former predominated. H Gallinago delicata Ord.

Snmia ulula caparoch Mull. Some days later a few belated individuals were found along the lower part of the Chulitna River. An old female of this species in very poor flesh was shot in a grassy overflow swamp at the mouth of a small stream near the head of Lake: By great good fortune, however, a small schooner, which had been reported lost, suddenly ai peared, and passage wjis engaged to Igagik.


Rawson, 3 miles north of Kernille. This occupied but a few minutes, as they soon decided that the situation was dangerous broansville took flight. That the country is well adapted to bees is evidenced bv numerous and extensive l ee caves in the rocks.

For home and shelter the animals depend largely on bur- ‘ rows, which apparently they dig for themselves. Johnson, who was ordered from Washington, D. A few small flocks were seen at other points, tebrw at rather long intervals.

While usually there is no room for doubt in the middle of each area as to the crop it is best adapted to, there is always a question along the boundaries. I have the honor to forward herewith, for publication as North American Fauna No.

The majority of them disappeared the next day Aujfust 7and by August 10 practically all were gone. Large flocks were sihmi at Kanatak and at yold Bay.

The glass snake is represented by two specimens from Texas, one collected by Lloyd near Santa Rosa, Cameron County, and the other by H. Dendroica sestiva rubiginosa Pall. Lntreola vison melampeplus Elliot.

Peucira canttinL Aimophila ruficeps eremacca.

AVhere a dozen or twenty armadillos are met in a day’s’ hunting, as sometimes happens, and possibly no deer are seen, the nervous strain and disappointment on the part of the hunter sometimes result in serious consequences to the innocent armadillo. From the examination of a very large series of both it appears that in color operaritis and hidlacenHlH are absolutely alike, and that in cranial characters they are very closely related. Palmer, Birds Pribilof Ids.


Lloyd collected a specimen of this rare and apparently very locally distributed lizard at Rio irande City, Tex.

Brownsville Couple Arrested for Having Oral Sex in Park

Several specimens were taken. CardinaliM cardinal is canicaudus, Pyrrhuloxia xinuata. The summary disposition of the name altogether as entirely unidenti- fiable is surprising, however. Quercus digit at a. Up to this time the weather had been comparatively mild and bright, with only an occasional squall.

Full text of “A Biological Reconnaissance of the Base of the Alaska Peninsula”

Sjx from extreme southern Texas are reported by the residents as ing a length of 11 to 13 feet; but the largest specimen I ha alive measured only 50 inches in length.

None of them approach L.

McKay’s collection contained four s; from Kakwok and Nushagak. Earlier in the season, through late tluly and early August, we often heard the whirr of their wings at night near camp, as well as their half- croaking, half -rattling cry which seems to be an invariable and per haps involuntary accompaniment of their flight.

A few small burrows, i ossibly of lPtrrnstt,i,if. Cathcrpex mexicanitx QlbifronJt, Thryomanex beiricki cryptux.