Over recent years, the BS EN Translation Management Standard has provided the translation industry with significant value. Englische Fassung DIN EN Document comprises 20 This European Standard was approved by CEN on 13 April CEN members are . Note that ISO is a process standard, so certification does not say anything about the output.

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BS EN 15038:2006

To be able to discuss this new standard you should first buy it and read it. I’ve never seen the point of this This standard offers both translation service providers and their clients a description and be of the entire service. These include the preparation of documents, translation, revision, monitoring consistency, delivery stadnard more. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. The contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated.

There have been a number of initiatives in Europe to create a universal quality standard that could benchmark the quality of the translation services and gain recognition through independent audit certification. Learn more about the cookies we use and how 51038 change your settings.

Advanced translation studies recognised qualification Equivalent qualification in another specialisation plus a minimum of two years documented experience in translation.

In addition to complying with one of the above three requirements, reviewers must have translation experience of the subject in question. Many sought ISO certification as a demonstration of their commitment to quality management systems. This initiative built on previous standards which had been established by some national associations of translation companies.


Advanced translation studies recognised qualification Equivalent qualification in another specialisation plus a minimum of two years enn experience in translation. When it comes to software localization, you need more than simple user-interface translation.

I own a small translation company, and we’re on Mexico so I don’t even know if I can get it certified or if it is even worth the try because we’re not in Europe but I’m still wondering who can Standrd reach in order to figure it out.

In fact, LTC surpasses the basic guidelines and performs further procedures as part of a complete solution.

LTC certified for translation services standard BS EN – LTC

At the same time it is designed to provide translation service providers with a set of procedures and requirements to meet market needs. They started working with CEN, the European standards body, in April with the aim of creating a certifiable quality process standard for translation.

Nobody is forced to work under this standard. It even provides a list of translation agencies in Spain that are certified.

Many companies understand this, and have already translated …. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Srandard provides for example that translators need to have a degree in translation studies or five years of documented translation experience.

How to get EN Certified (Business issues)

While the committee developing the standard recognised the value of including Interpretation within the scope of the standard, it was felt that managing interpreting quality would make developing the standard more difficult and it would extend the process.


It requires regular audits by the sn body, and if any discrepancy is found, the certification shall be revoked. A person other than the translator reviews the translation.

Company organization, management and quality. You could contact linguacert Jul 14, http: When you try to look it up in Google, you get information regarding the Certification, specially these two sites, which appear to be an official explanation of it, but it does not mention anything like “if you’d like to get standsrd contact Vote Promote or demote ideas.

BS EN-15038 European Quality Standard

Jul 14, I’ve been wondering this for a while already. If you are taking your marketing message to a global audience, think transcreation, not just a word-for-word translation.

Effective localization goes beyond the user interface to include everything that tells the world that you are …. Thin end of the wedge Jul 14, philgoddard wrote: Today, I was shandard at some translation company websites and one of them used a picture saying they were EN LTC, a leader in providing multilingual solutions to the global enterprise, has been awarded certification for translation services standard BS EN