Here is a transcript from a clinic given by the great Bud Brisbois. . Now, I will try to show you, I wore this shirt today, my skinny shirt, because it. Documents Similar To Bud Brisbois Trumpet Today. Andante Cantabile Transposed for B Trumpet and Organ. Uploaded by. segesta · Trumpets Today. It’s called “Trumpet Today” by Bud Brisbois. This stuff is GOLD so make sure you don’t share it with any one but a trumpet player! Basically his.

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He was beautiful last night. You build a good firm foundation, strong foundation and build up and learn your horn from the bottom up.

Bud Brisbois

EEE just seems to pinch the sound. By developing all of this area down here stomachwe alleviate the pressure and also can breathe totally relaxed in here throat and neck, upper body. So, your not going to bu up one day and all of a sudden have the trumpet licked and know how to play high. In early Brisbois formed the rock group Butane, featuring himself as singer and trumpeter.

I think I was at that clinic. If you get a chance, go out and hear him. But that might work, but I find that when I switch from flugelhorn to trumpet I used to have a bjd of a time going from flugel to trumpet or from Bb to piccolo, because the feeling here chops was murder. He played all styles, including big band lead, jazz soloing, pop, rock, country, Motown, and classical, but it was his high-note playing that set him apart.


I normally try to keep my posts around words. You have so much support that you can do whatever you want.

With this type of a breath, then we put support or what I call compression on the air, we put pressure on the air once we get it down here. Articles lacking in-text citations from September All articles lacking in-text citations Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers. I have used the same analogy that Roy brought up last night, you never start building a building with the 13th floor and then build the 12th and 11th. The only thing I think of consciously is thinking of playing everything as open throated as I canand not thinking of EEE.

As I said I am speaking about what works with me and all of the players I work with. Repeat this for ten minutes a day. Brisbois worked as a studio musician in L. While I was not at Lawrence at that time, many of my teachers were. We put more concentration on the air when we go higher, but we still focus the airstream as we go lower. Then count slowly as you release your air 1, 2, 3, … as soon as you completely out of air, take another huge breath.

First of all, they have a strong anchor or corners and they all take similar types of breath and they support their sound with their air almost identically no matter who the player is.

He was mainly self-taught, and reportedly had most of his range before leaving high school.

You build low and build the proper muscles and build the proper range that you can build as an individual with the strength and the tools that the good lord gave you to build.


I try to think of everything as open bisbois as relaxed as I can.

Bud Brisbois – Wikipedia

He quit the music business entirely and moved to Beverly Hills, where for a time he worked as a Porsche salesman. Eventually he brissbois playing again. Making sure we warm up all of our muscles. I just make sure that I rest in between each section of my warm-up and practicing.

So we take our breath, tosay strong middle CI put a certain amount of compression for the middle C. I believe that you have to learn your breathing, your instrument from the bottom up instead of from the top down. He performed in various bands in the Phoenix area.

Bud Brisbois- Trumpet Today

Now the compression on the air, that is the thing the sensation trumpeet I told you was coming up. In following the breakup of his second marriage, Brisbois began having increasing problems controlling his manic depressionfrom which he had suffered all his life.

Building the proper muscles here chops as opposed to destroying everything here chops. This set up fits me.

A Clinic With Bud Brisbois – All Things Trumpet

Different mouthpiece makers are coming out with different backbores where you can screw the same rim on. As I go lower, maybe a little less compression, as I go higher I use more compression on this area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.