Justice Nariman said section was modelled on the Britain’s Buggery Act of which was brought in by the then king Henry VIII which. Buggery Act: gay rights movement: Gay rights prior to the 20th century: VIII, England passed the Buggery Act, which made sexual relations between men a. The Buggery Act made sodomy a capital offence for the first time in English law and was subsequently exported to all of the British colonies, where some of.

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Yes, add me to your mailing list. Numerous prosecutions that resulted in a sentence of hanging are recorded in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

In July Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford of Heytesbury was charged with treason for harbouring a known member of the Pilgrimage of Grace movement. Learn how your comment data is processed. Let’s work ac to keep the conversation civil.

Section based on law passed by Henry VIII in | India News – Times of India

File photo of a protest against Section Even if the charge of sodomy was reduced for lack of evidence to a charge of attempted buggery, the penalty buggfry severe: The penalties made this one of the most severe punishments in law and more importantly it was one of the few crimes for which a priest or monk could be put to death, and this is aft important when we try to understand why Henry VIII put this law in place.


Buggery Act sv: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Even the Bible overall is not overtly opposed to homosexuality. The Supreme Court observed that only a miniscule fraction of the population of the country comprised LGBT and less bhggery people were punished in over years under Section of the IPC.

He noted that it was the Committee of Peacock which finally sent the draft equivalent buggrry Section for enactment, said Justice Nariman. Archived from the original on To verify, butgery follow the link in the message. If the child was born out of wedlock it would be barred from succession.

The word “buggery” is derived from the old French word “bougre” and was taken to mean anal intercourse, Justice Chandrachud said in his judgment.

Read Post a comment. Offences against the Person Act 9 Geo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Justice Nariman, who wrote a separate concurring verdict, referred to Irish poet Oscar Wilde and said his trial paved the way to consider the law and practice relating to homosexual offences in Victorian-era England.

Many monks were executed at this time. The new Act expressly specified that conviction of buggery no longer required proof of completion “emission of seed” and evidence of penetration was sufficient for conviction. Tell bhggery what you didn’t like in the comments. And that no person offending in any such offence shall be admitted to his Clergy.

Section 377: How Buggery Act of King Henry comes a full circle in Supreme Court

However there are only a handful of instances on record of anyone being charged under this act during the next years. Featured Today In Travel. He said that Section was allowed to operate in Independent India as under Article 1 “all laws in force prior to the commencement of the Constitution shall continue to be in force until altered or repealed”.


This was later defined by the courts to include only anal penetration and bestiality.

Buggery Act

By bugegry this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apart from a few isolated periods of extreme persecution, same sex relationships were not just tolerated, but seem to have been largely accepted as normal until the reign of Henry VIII.

Justices Nariman and Chandrachud, in their separate concurring judgements, dealt in detail about the evolution of the buggeru as it exists in the present form. Justices Nariman and Chandrachud, in their separate concurring judgments, dealt in detail about the evolution of the section as it exists in the present form.

The Buggery Act in particular gave him power to execute any cleric who confessed to buggery and to seize their assets. Justice Nariman wrote that Lord Macaulay’s draft was substantially different from what was finally enacted as Section Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.