Kemenkes. (). Buku Data , Direktorat Jenderal Pengendalian Penyakit dan Buku Pedoman Nasional Pengendalian Penyakit Kusta,. Direktorat. References. 1. Amiruddin M. D. Penyakit kusta sebuah pendekatan klinis. Kemenkes R. I. Buku Pedoman Nasional Pemberantasan Penyakit Kusta. Jakarta. Komponen surveilans kusta di dinas kesehatan kabupaten situbondo sebagai upaya Buku Pedoman Nasional Program Pengendalian Penyakit Kusta.

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Leprosy, an overview of pathophysiology. Jurnal Kemas, 8 1: There was no difference in the initial attitude to leprosy amongst the EG of Tabibs and the CG which was shown kuusta the pretests. Research purpose to determine the factors that influence to incidence of leprosy, included age, sex, education, knowledge, family economic conditions, household contact history, neighbor contact history, personal hygiene, physical environmental conditions, and residential density.

Dermatology Research and Practice

Kasus adalah penduduk Kecamatan Tirto Kabupaten Pekalongan yang telah didiagnosis menderita kusta oleh petugas kesehatan berdasarkan pemeriksaan klinis dan laboratorium. However, the results from the posttests after the EG had had the treatment with the pocket book show that there was now a significant difference between the role of the EG Tabibs in the management of leprosy with that of the CG Tabibs showing that the training with the pocket books about leprosy had been effective in changing the EG Tabibs views of their role in managing leprosy, whilst the views of the CG Tabibs concerning their pemberantaxan had not changed.

The purpose of this study was to find out and to improve how effective the role of the Tabib could be in the Program to Manage Leprosy in Nagan Raya District. Even after leprosy patients have finished their therapy and have obtained Release from Treatment RFTthe stigma of leprosy stays with them for life. Conclusions The results from this study can be summarized as follows. Unemployment and lack of opportunities to get a career are key factors in mental nasionall which can cause psychological pressures from slight to serious depression and even for some lepers to want to naxional sometimes to succeed at committing suicide [ 20 ].

Research methods using case-control study design. Furthermore, the National Health Department Kemenkes RI, says that the role of people in health management is very much influenced by directly feeling the health benefits of pnyakit activities and the opportunities for the people to kustw in the maintenance of health as well as the role of the local leaders in the activities.


Then after the training and studying the pocket books the posttest results showed that the EG Tabibs had a significantly better attitude to their role in controlling and managing leprosy than the CG Tabibs.

In this study, the EG Tabibs were given continuous explanations about how to control leprosy from the pocket book so that step-by-step the attitudes of the EG Tabibs to leprosy and how to manage it changed. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine. Sikapmanusia teori dan pengukurannya.

The pattern of reinforcement from other people forms the attitudes and behaviour concerned. Leprosy in the 21st century. This is in accordance with the concepts for empowering people in health management; i. Introduction Leprosy is a chronic, infectious disease caused by a rod shaped, acid-fast bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae M. They also thank all the Tabibs for agreeing to participate in this research study and for giving permission to use the data and information they gave to the study anonymously.

The Guidelines To Reduce Stigma: Email this article Login required. The data used to support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon request. At present Indonesia is one of the countries with a high rate of leprosy. Supplementary Materials Supplementary Materials The Supplementary Materials comprise the Supplementary File which is a translated copy of the questionnaire used to survey the sample of Tabibs both before treatment and after treatment and after the EG Tabib had been given the pocket pentakit.

Stigmas like these, which are deeply held by the villagers, cannot be easily overcome; legislation and successful rehabilitation of sufferers and elimination of recurrence of new cases of leprosy over time are needed to kill the stigma of leprosy.

Leprosy is a chronic skin disease caused by acid-fast bacteria, Mycobacterium lepraewhich initially attacks the outer nerves and then, if not treated appropriately, spreads to other organs like the skin, the kusha glands, the kidneys, the testes, and the eyes: The increase in the self-image of the EG Tabibs in their role in managing leprosy was because of the motivation given to them by the researchers through the pocket book vuku they had prepared and distributed to the EG Tabibs.

Buku Pedoman Pemberantasan Penyakit Kusta.

Effectiveness of Traditional Healers in Program to Control Leprosy in Nagan Raya District in Aceh

Penyakit kusta di Indonesia masih menjadi masalah kesehatan masyarakat yang perlu mendapat perhatian karena dapat menimbulkan masalah yang komplek. Leprosy in Indonesia is still a public health problem that needs attention because it can lead to complex problems. Please review our privacy policy.


The role of the Tabib in handling and treating nasioanl of leprosy in Nagan Raya is very significant. Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Situbondo, This result of the study concerning knowledge about leprosy of the Tabib is in accordance with the theories of Notoadmodjo [ 22 nasionxl, who pemberxntasan said that health education is an activity to create behaviour amongst people which will be conducive to better health outcomes.

Email the author Login required. Jamalul Alamuddin, for giving them permission to do this research study and for permission to publish the results. The authors have all declared that no conflicts of interest exist.

The results above from this study concerning the attitudes of the Tabib to leprosy are parallel with those found by Azwar [ 23 ]; in particular, factors which affect the attitudes of a person include experience, i. Masalah penelitian adalah faktor-faktor kust yang berpengaruh terhadap kejadian kusta di Kecamatan Tirto Kabupaten Pekalongan. Profil Kesehatan Propinsi Jawa Timur ;edoman European Handbookof Dermatological Treatments.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This stigma then becomes a psychological problem for the former sufferers. Tabib Seunagan dan Thariqat Syattariyah. Furthermore, unemployment causes people to lose self-confidence, to isolate themselves, and eventually to give up, i. Click here for additional data file. Specifically, the cause of leprosy is the bacteria, Mycobacterium leprae, getting into the human body through flesh wounds in the skin or through droplets pedomah when breathing and surviving and multiplying [ 10 ].

The result of the stigma is that the PWHHL are ostracized by people who think that they look disgusting and must be kept at a distance so sufferers try to find alternative treatments. Penjakit surveillance is one of solutions for leprosy eradication. Cases were residents of Tirto District Pekalongan that have been leprosy diagnosed by health workers based on clinical examination and laboratory.