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The Dataaheet precipitation hardening stainless steel S is covered by the following wrought product specifications. Also d2 and d7 wouldn’t test in the board last time I had to lift a leg on them – lol.

Maximus on April 13, I would like to fill in a few blanks which might help explain a little more what is going on here. Start display at page:. Ok will do, thanks for all the info, I’ll report back with results if I get to it this evening. Table does not apply to both ends of strip. And if so be sure that the collector middle lead is insulated from the metal heatsink. The bend test is available depending on a demand. Do these devices still read ok? Company Datashedt 2 2.

Relia Minimum wear, maximum payload Minimum wear, maximum payload Quality wear-resistant steels Relia is ArcelorMittal s range of high hardness, low-alloyed martensitic steels. It would be helpful to see pictures of the originals and the replacements.

The steel products over 12 in thickness shall be tested. Details come to negotiation. Available product size comes to negotiation. The value specified in Table shall not be applied to to the irregular portions of both ends of the steel coil.


I made sure both transistors were insulated from the heat sink with the rubber cover that goes over them all. The YR means the ratio of the yield datahseet to the tensile strength. I find that a little strange if they were. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

(PDF) C2555 Datasheet download

Something looks strange about D9 While I see two junctions 0. Each issue contains useful information on materials cast irons, steels. Charpy Absorption Energy Remarks: Having corrosion resistance with strength and weldability, it is applied to bridge, architecture and other structures. Datsaheet special elements datahseet included. It was mainly used to More information.

Type Analysis Page 1 of 16 Unit Display: At this point I don’t care about how much time I have to take or money I have to spend on this supply as I have a replacement coming for the cab itself. I assume your has this. Ok D9 is marked as C10P I did a quick search on that but having trouble finding info on it.

AMEOEEV datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Suitable for datasheer, stairs, and landings, and for rolling stock bodies. Are you completely familiar now with how to test a transistor using a meter with a diode test facility. Specifying tensile strength levels. I’ve yet to find any schematic that shows the interconnects between the two PSU boards.

Typical Specification 5 3.

Restore of a nice Donkey Kong – COMPLETE

Having superior strength and weldability, it is applicable to architecture, bridge, ship, rolling stock body, oil holder and other structures. Maximus on April 14, Wide product dstasheet Hot rolled products are produced under various public and JFE standards, and include the full line-up from general use to high strength steel.


Did you replace the transistors, and plug the power supply in, and everything was ok until you connected the video board, are are you saying that originally the power supply was ok untill you connected the video board.

The supply for the thyristor is provided via D1, R3 and C8 from a winding on the transformer T1.

Did more testing on the dead PSU yesterday. JFE has developed two types More information. General AISI A2 is an air- or oil hardening chromiummolybdenum-vanadium alloyed tool steel characterized by: This leaves me with only one last thing to test from the troubleshooting sheet, a Silicon Controlled Resister or Datasneet at SCR1 which, ironically is physically right next to the blowing R1 resister.

You will have to lift one end of each to check them because of transformer T4.

There is a ohm dtaasheet resistor which will scupper your test. If not, it is likely that the 2 transistors collectors are shorted to each other, which wouldn’t be good at least if I read the schematic correctly. Superior atmospheric corrosion resistance and general corrosion resistance, combined with adequate strength, weldability, and formability for structural applications.