Signal Processors (DSPs): C/CB .. This data sheet revision history highlights the technical changes made to the SPRSI device-specific data. Read about ‘Spectrum Digital: C DSP Kit (DSK) for TI TMSC’ on Datasheet, ALTERA: Datasheet for ALTERA MAX C MHz. MFLOPS. Time. Volume production. Roadmap high- precision C DSP. Its . TMSCB, TMSCC DSPs Data Sheet.

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What is the state of the C6713 GPIO pin between powerup and negedge of reset?

This document provides a summary of the significant differences in the C and C devices, and may be used as a help for planning a migration to the C device.

C must be booted using a baud rate of Ask a related question Ask a new question. I will pay attention to this problem in the following dataaheet.

The maximum frame rate is determined by dayasheet image size in combination with the pixel clock rate. This tells you that without a hardware reset, the DSP is not in a known good state out of power-up.


I do not know the specs on the AIC23, but your darasheet evidence indicates that you have 7 bits [] of volume control. Feb 26, 2: The following CAS latencies and internal banks are supported:. Feb 20, 1: Thank you very much! Feb 18, 1: This mode starts downloading code from an I2C.

TMSC to TMSC Migration Guide – Texas Instruments Wiki

Retrieved from ” http: Feb 23, 2: In reply to Antony Samsunil: Feb 19, 9: The controller supports the following devices:. Ask a new question Ask a new question Cancel. Ask a related question What is a related question? In reply to sfloat s:. Tuesday, October 16, 8: This prevents consumption of any unnecessary power.

datwsheet From Texas Instruments Wiki. Due to the holidays, responses may be delayed. If you follow the best practice as stated in the datasheet, you will have all of the GPIO outputs at the initial states as described in the datasheet.

Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only. Fariza Dion Prasetyo Cc: Menu Search through millions of questions and answers User.

Some GPIOs may have internal pull-ups and some may have internal pull-downs. All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Terms of Use of the site; third parties using this content agree to abide by any limitations or guidelines and to comply with the Terms of Use of this site.


Adtasheet reply to RandyP: You can verify by checking the datasheet.

controlling AIC23 via McBSP (c6713 DSK)

C can boot from UART The C device support different versions of industry standards shown below. Depending on your bootmode and other configuration settings, the datasheet explains the initial states of all the pins.

If you have further questions related to this thread, you may click “Ask a related question” below. Up to 4 CS signals are supported. The remaining sections in this document further explains the peripheral feature set, power and clocking comparison of both devices in detail, and also provides references to the appropriate documentation for further information.