Canon has classified these various techni- Canon T80, is also equipped with autofocus . FD lenses can be used, but it is necessary to focus manual-. choosing a pictograph. This camera, the. Canon T80, is also equipped with autofocus. (AF) so professional-looking, artistic picture- taking is made all the easier. Here, you can find out about Canon’s Film Cameras > T > T

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The lens has a self-contained autofocus system that does not require autofocus electronics in the camera body.

They took the in-camera focus-assist capability that was in their earlier AL-1 and then made a special autofocus canpn that had a motor incorporated into the lens; the motor would do the focusing. The autofocus lenses contain a motor, and electrical contacts in the lens mount connect this motor to the camera’s circuits.

Each lens contains a motor to focus, unlike the body-integral AF system pioneered by Minolta. But beneath its simplicity lies a full range of automatic functions – if you are lazy or don’t want to know too much about how to control exposure.

A linear CCD is used to detect contrast in the focus area. The cameras are generally lighter in weight and more canno than a comparative features A model s.

Home – Photography in Malaysia. Like the similar back available for the T90it supports date stamping of images, alphanumeric coding of images, time f80 and time-lapse interval exposure. This was introduced inand uses a similar autofocus system to the T80’s lenses, with an integral autofocus motor. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Indicators on the top LCD f80 the status of loading, winding and rewinding.


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Canon T80 instruction manual (reprint)

So Canon and Nikon and nearly everyone else who entered the autofocus market swallowed painfully, dropped backward-compatibility, and came out with a new lens mount and a new series of lenses—the EF series.

In addition to the built-in winder that perform film advance automatically and rewinding for some specific modelsmost of the T-series models were well known for their far more superior automatic exposure and flash system than the A series. You’ll find this mode quite advantageous for expansive landscape shots, and for when you want to photograph people or objects that are spread out anyscene that you wish to have everyone or everything in ‘sharp focus’.

Use dmy dates from April Commons category link is on Wikidata.

This leaves the top of the camera very clean, since there is no advance lever or rewind knob. When a manual focus lens is used, the camera provides focus assistance in exactly the same manner as the Manuap But worse was the fact that nearly every SLR made at least by that time had interchangable lenses, so how do you accomplish the autofocus part and still keep your existing lens inventory?

Canon T80 – – The free camera encyclopedia

You simply choose the pictograph that most closely resembles the actual image at hand manuwl the way you want to capture that image – the Canon T80 then handles all the details, including focusing. Well suited to taking personal portraits or anything that you need to draw a viewer’s attention to. Film Rewind Power rewind with built-in motor. Someone on Wikipedia wrote that this camera is rare, but I think it’s only comparitively so.

Stop action to freeze interesting movement. The T series models were Canon’s way of realizing a new generation of SLR cameras that was necessary in the very competitive camera market camonwith the exception of T that was launched very late in – although the SLR market is now very dominated by Canon’s electronic mount EOS modelsall T series bodies have similar concept that include a built-in winder.


Not when I have so many other cameras maunal do the same things far better.

Film loading is automatic; the user only has to align the film leader with an orange mark and close the back, mqnual the camera loads and advances the film automatically. For although blur is to be avoided in most cases, it can sometimes be an effective creative tool. Laser Matte with cross split prism rangefinder.

Another distingush difference was the conventional dial and lever cannot fullfilled sophistication of automated features in such a modern camera, LCD was used to handle the complicated task displaying various functions and status of progress. Canon EOS digital cameras.

The motor got its instructions from the camera though electrical contacts on the camera mount. All are readily identifiable by a boxy area on the upper left viewed from the camera containing the motor, and a red ring around the front lens element.

Five-program Picture Selector System The Canon T80’s has a friendly Picture Selector Systemmaking automatic exposure selection so easy to use – it communicates information in visual terms, in a way that you can readily understand.