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This seemed to me very strange. The following anecdote is told:. Well, I was sitting opposite her one day, with my back to the window, listening to her flow of rhetoric. Gamow whimsically refers to the ” Pauli effect “, a mysterious phenomenon which is not understood on a jugn materialistic basis, and probably never will be.

Jung Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal, p. Some argue this shift was essential to bringing theoretical coherence to Jung’s earlier sincroniicidad.

United Kingdom United States World. Other definitions of causality for example, the neo-Humean definition are concerned only with the relation of cause to effect. I opened the window immediately and caught the insect in the air as it flew in.

Jung used the concept in arguing for the existence sinceonicidad the paranormal. Pauli was such a good theoretical physicist that something usually broke in the lab whenever he merely stepped across the threshold. Jung and his followers e. The emergence of the synchronistic paradigm was a significant move away from Cartesian dualism towards an underlying philosophy of double-aspect theory. Charles Tart sees danger in synchronistic thinking: The answer to this is that acausal events may be expected most readily where, on closer reflection, a causal connection appears to be inconceivable.


An Acausal Connecting PrincipleJung wrote: Virtual realities and the emergence of the psyche. As such, they are compatible with synchronicity. It is a type of cognitive bias and represents an error of inductive inferenceor is a form of selection bias toward confirmation of the hypothesis under study, or disconfirmation of an alternative hypothesis. Jung’s Synchronicity and Quantum Entanglement: How are we to recognize acausal combinations of events, since it car obviously impossible to examine all chance happenings for their causality?

In psychology and cognitive sciencejun bias is a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms czrl preconceptions, and avoids information and interpretations that contradict prior beliefs. Mainstream mathematics argues that statistics and probability theory exemplified in, e. Beitman “Coincidence Studies: Wholeness and the implicate order. Following discussions with both Albert Einstein and Wolfgang PauliJung believed there were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics.

While she was still telling me this dream, I heard something behind me gently tapping on the window. Therefore it cannot be a question of cause and effect, but of a falling together in time, a kind of simultaneity.

Among some psychologists, Jung’s works, such as The Interpretation of Nature and the Psychewere received as problematic. Analytical psychology Cognitive functions Interpretation of religion Personality type Synchronicity Theory of neurosis.

Parapsychology Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. Because of this quality of simultaneity, I have picked on the term “synchronicity” to designate a hypothetical factor equal in rank to causality as a principle of explanation.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Confirmation bias is of interest in the teaching of critical thinkingdincronicidad the skill is misused if rigorous critical scrutiny is applied only to evidence that challenges a preconceived idea, but not to evidence that supports it. It is also pointed out that, since Jung took into consideration only the narrow definition of causality — only the efficient cause — his notion of ” acausality ” is also narrow and so is not jugn to final and formal causes as understood in Aristotelian or Sincronicdad systems.


Therefore, synchronicity would literally take place as the bridge between implicate and explicate orders, whose complementary nature define the undivided totality. She had an impressive dream the night before, in which someone had given her a golden scarab — a costly piece of jewellery. Journal for Jungian Studies.

Jung Carl Gustav | Luis Sequera –

More than 30 sincronicirad later the stimulus led to my relation with the physicist professor W. Pauli and to my thesis of psychic synchronicity.

In his book Synchronicity Jung tells the following story as an example of a synchronistic event:. The treatment could now be continued with satisfactory results.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.


An Acausal Connecting Principle. Jung himself and von Franz argued that statistics work precisely by ignoring what is unique about the individual case, whereas synchronicity tries to investigate that uniqueness. He recalled the earlier incident and told his friends that only de Fontgibu was missing to make the setting complete — and in the same instant, the now-senile de Fontgibu entered the room, having got the wrong address.