The Nomos of the Earth in the International Law of the Jus Publicum Europaeum. Carl Schmitt. Translated and Annotated by G. L. Ulmen. As Carl Schmitt lays out in The Nomos of the Earth, the establishment of a jus publicum europaeum that created guidelines for limiting war between European . Reilly, John J. () “Carl Schmitt, The Nomos of the Earth in the International Law Carl Schmitt () was a German jurist who bears.

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Given this description of the MachtergreifungSchmitt’s political and constitutional theory seems to imply that Hitler’s rule was perfectly legitimate. Gavin Beeker rated it it was amazing Oct 01, The absolutist sovereign did possess the sovereign power to decide on the exception, and was thus capable of authorizing commissars to use dictatorial methods in his name.

Since the problematic of a new nomos of the earth has become even more critical with the onset of the postmodern age and postmodern war, Schmitt’s text is even more timely and challenging. If it were not, a sovereign could hardly possess the factual capability to suspend the law earthh to act successfully against the perceived emergency.

Carl Schmitt (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

The abstraction from the justice of war allowed states to make peace without being hampered by the need to apportion moral blame. Schmitt replies to this challenge that a life that does not involve the friend-enemy distinction would be shallow, insignificant, and meaningless.

Schmitt argues that it would be wrong to treat such particular constitutional norms as possessing the same normative force as the people’s decision for a concrete form of political existence, which is expressed in the basic principles implicit in the constitution.

This first answer, however, is not Schmitt’s last word on why liberal de-politicization is undesirable. Legality in a Time of EmergencyCambridge: It would reduce politics to a value-neutral technique for the provision of material amenities. Just a moment nomod we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


He was led to dismiss the contribution of countries like Japan and Turkey and seemed more interested in proving the superiority of European culture as opposed to objectively analysing international law. Every citizen, therefore, should participate on equal terms, as far as practically feasible, in the exercise of political rule.

Schmitt, though, did not question his claim that international order ought to be based on territorial division.

Once one takes the view that a war can be legitimate on one side, while being illegitimate on the other, one is forced to conclude, Schmitt argues, that it is morally wrong to grant the status of legitimate belligerency to those who are judged to fight without a just cause, and equally wrong to assume that they ought to enjoy the same in bello-rights as those who fight justly NE ; CP 54—7.

Rather, it is always the result of an act of identification.

Carl Schmitt

For one, the essential actors in this law are states, who are conceptualized as individuals, but may or may not be so. BeforeSchmitt employed this argument to oppose a Nazi seizure of power Machtergreifung in legal form Bendersky— Political decision-taking on the basis of the simple majority rule is legitimate only if citizens share a political identity, in which case they will also agree on a set of constitutional fundamentals.

Schmitt must be arguing that wherever the situation of normality or homogeneity that makes the results of the application of law determinate and predictable is no longer guaranteed by a sovereign, the positive legal system, consisting of material norms and of positive norms of competence, can no longer be legitimate Mauss81—; Scheuerman15—37; Hofmann As long as the political theologian can make sure that the friend-enemy distinction survives, liberals will be forced to enter the arena of the political and to go to war against the partisans of the political.

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A conception of international order that violates any of these two conditions would be incompatible with political existence and therefore illegitimate. John rated it liked it Dec 23, Those who are real fo, but who need not be each other’s absolute enemies, then, have to find a scmitt to recognize each other, to divide the world among themselves, and to hold down political forces that must reject the territorialization of political conflict.


The separation of economics and politics, of private and public law, still today considered by noted teachers of law cal be an essential guarantee of freedom. The Concept of the Political. But it will not require the one group to interfere with or to destroy the political existence of the other group if to do so is unnecessary for the protection of its own territory. Unsurprisingly, the significance and value of Schmitt’s works is subject to heated controversy Caldwell And, importantly, such wars are sanctioned and allowed as long as they meet this criteria.

In the list of Schmitt’s works, a date in parentheses after the title refers to the year of first publication in German or in case of posthumously published material to the year in which the text in question was written. car,

The Nomos of the Earth: In the International Law of the Jus Publicum Europaeum by Carl Schmitt

Car, long as a people exists it can always decide to give itself a new constitution CT —1. But this hope was disappointed in the final crisis of the Weimar Republic.

The question of the legitimacy of law thus turns on the question of the legitimacy of an identity-constituting sovereign exercise of foundational violence. The law can determine, for any material legal norm, which person or institution has the competence to interpret and apply it.