My stomach turned over your review of “Symptoms of Withdrawal,” by Christopher Kennedy Lawford, and “What Remains,” by Carole Radziwill. William Morrow/ HarperCollins Publishers. $ WHAT REMAINS A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love. By Carole Radziwill. Illustrated. A stunning, tragic memoir about John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn Bissett, and his cousin Anthony Radziwill, by Radziwill’s widow, now a star of The Re.

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She comes across as very un-self-aware, and not being able to fully deal with what is happening. This memoir of three wrenching deaths in quick succession is brutal, open and honest. So Carole Radziwill was one of the newest housewives this last season and I found I didn’t much like her. Radziwill is a wonderful writer and I look forw I have to say, after the first 40 pages or so which felt a little disjointed to me, as if the author was “warming up”I was completely hooked on this book. It usually is, I think, when your life changes.

Hardcoverpages. I read it for our book club. The part where Radziwill describes Fortune and her and Anthony’s wedding stuck with me throughout the rest of the book and still did, after reading it. Whatever the reason, as a reader I felt distant from him, and it was really her pain I connected with rather than his. Oct 16, Michelle Anne rated it it was amazing.

I am in shock that someone who chooses to be on The Real Housewives franchise is also capable, in the same universe, to write a gem like this. Published September 26th carolf Scribner Book Company first published Read with a box of tissues handy.

Carole Radziwill is a natural storyteller. But what Radziwill doesn’t take into account is that people grieve over a stranger’s death for different reasons that the people who know the person. She and Anthony walked numbly through razdiwill motions of burying and saying goodbye to their dear cousins and friends.


Her story evoked my irritation rather than my sympathy, and that made me feel bad. I thought this book might be similar. Second, she emphasized how much this famous family valued their privacy and what great lengths her husband went to to keep up appearances. There was love there, certainly intimacy, but what I think those who’ve never experienced a long illness of a loved one forget is the simple fact that no matter how much you love someone, the illness often overpowers everything else.

What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love – Carole Radziwill – Google Books

Carole Radziwill is one of the housewives. I understand the feeling it created in Radziwill when she saw people grieving openly over the radzisill of a childhood friend, and later, over the death of John and Carolyn, when they didn’t even know the people.

I am, I believe, near the end, and have to save it for later. I picked this book up because she spoke very little about this chapter in her life on the show, but it seemed to inform everything she did. This is an unbelievable story. She just seemed to go along with things without much complaint, and without dealing with his very serious sickness.

But because I am a human being. Not once did Carole hold back when writing this memoir. Nevertheless, the book has it’s interest factor People interested in either are likely to be disappointed. I think that particular example is more of a statement about her own emotions and shows remaine great lack whatt love and tolerance in general towards other people He had previously had cancer before they met and had been in remission.


Fate and fortune play out on center stage here. I would have red-penciled much of her purple-prosey meditations on Fortune her capitalization or, at least, shoved them toward the back of the book so that the reader — by this point, presumably invested in her story –would actually be motivated to read them rather than skim over them. I hope even more that the Carole in the book still exists and hasn’t been completely transformed into the character presented on Bravo.

Radziwill writes sparsely and respectfully, avoiding name dropping and the sort of gossip easily attached to the Kennedy family. I admit that I sobbed through the last chapter of this book. I have a confession to make. Price may vary by retailer.

What Remains

Even though I only gave it two stars, I remaims the whole thing with the same kind of pleasure that People magazine brings, only I didn’t have to stand in the grocery line all day. Sep 16, Jay rated it it was amazing. And to see the bold faced names presented in such a human light was compelling.

What Remains is heartbreaking, beautiful, and utterly tragic. She seems self-centered and definitely has a case of “poor me”.

She spent her childhood summers with her grandparents and an odd assortment of aunts and uncles in their poorly plumbed A-frame on the banks carkle a muddy creek in upstate New York.