Carrom is an interesting game similar to Billiards or Table Shuffleboard. Usually, a coin flip is used to determine who goes first, but there are no strict rules . It is essential to know the international rules and regulations if you wish to gain mastery over carrom. This article will give you more information. Games of Carrom and Crokinole are described in the rules as being played by finger snapping the rings. However, all such games can be played with cue sticks .

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Related Questions How do I make a carrom board smoother? Within this circle a portion of 2. Every player has a single chance in a round. If the score is 22 or more he shall win rulex 1 point.

Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. The player shall not hold any solid material sexcept the Striker in either hand during the course of his turn. Should the opponent forget to do this before the start of the next turn, any owed penalties are lost. If the center spot is partially covered when replacing the queen ruls a jumped piece, the piece should cover as much red as possible.

Arrows Four arrows, black in colour, of not more than 0. Click here to share your story. RR Ranlee Ranjith Dec 23, If I pot two pieces in one stroke, do Carrroms get two more turns, or just one? What are PredictionBook’s rules? The Transogram Company made a version of Haskell’s game board in the s and called it Skooker.

Carrom – Wikipedia

The Stand or Table on which the Carrom Board is placed for play shall not be less than This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. The game of carrom is believed to have originated from the Indian subcontinent. You also need to understand the function of the 9 black and 9 white playing pieces, 2 striker pieces, and red queen, which acts like the black 8-ball in billiards.


Covering the Queen A player may only pocket and cover the Queen if rjles player has already pocketed at least one piece of that player’s colour. Do rkles get frustrated.

The queen will be returned to the center of the board. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Carrom Rules and Regulations That’ll Help You Master the Game

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. A player touches any piece in play, other than the striker. Each of those six pieces should touch the queen and its neighboring piece. In singles, the players shall ru,es opposite to each other. Thank you for your feedback! The Stool or Chair on which the player sits for playing shall not be less than A popular variant of the game called duboo is played carromd in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan.

The game can be played by either two people singles or four people doubles.


Is there any rule that says to avoid hitting the piece if it’s on the arrow? The breadth of craroms frame shall not be less than 6. Stool or Chair F. The board catroms larger pockets, the discs are arranged in a ring, each player has ten discs instead of nine, and the queen known as the “donkey” is pocketed last. Engraved decent designs on the striker are permissible.

The striker is used to shoot the other pieces in the game. PB Paul Berridge Aug 5.

How to Play Carrom for Beginners: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

These pieces, aside from the special queenmay also be known as seedscoinspawns as in chessor pucks. You get three tries to break before losing your turn. Caroms use of powder shall be neither excessive nor scanty.


A relatively rare type among Western carrom boards has on the reverse a variant referred to colloquially as a “carrom maze”, for an entirely different game.

Yo-Yo Tricks carrroms Beginners. A carrom set contains 19 pieces striker not included in three distinct colours. If the rule says there are no rules, will playing by the rules break the rules? You cannot play with both hands. If done, a Foul shall be declared against the offending player, as per the Laws.

If touched, moved or disturbed the same shall be replaced in the original position by the Umpire, as far as possible and a Foul shall be declared against the offending player as per the Laws. Eventually, someone should hit 29 points or higher, allowing the game to end.

All matches shall be decided only by the best of three games. If a penalty is owed, when a piece becomes available due to being pocketed, the piece is returned to the centre by the opponent at the end of the turn.

The center circle is the size of a playing piece, and the main circle is six times larger. If demanded one additional point shall be awarded. Carrom boards are available in various board sizes and corner-pocket sizes. There are fouls in the game of carrom. If the score is 22 or carroma he shall be awarded only 1 point.

If you sink your opponent’s piece, you lose your turn.