word-to-pdf-programmatically www-ftc-gov-os-caselist complaint-pdf www-va-gov-vaforms-medical-pdf xmcd-to-pdf-online. , FTC. Docket No. C, Complaint (January 20, ), available at In the Matter of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc., File No. , FTC Docket No.

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By acquiring Digene, Cytyc would have been in a position to foreclose its only existing competitor by limiting access to Digene’s HPV test.

However, the Staff caselisy examined 37 of the 50 divestitures embodied in those 35 consent decrees. C April 3, Decision and Order, at p. The DOJ prevailed despite the existence of a fix-it-first remedy. In re Nestle Holding, Inc. Following the initial comment period, the FTC may either withdraw its acceptance of the agreement, modify the proposed consent order, or issue a final decision and order. Finally, conduct relief has been used in addressing the competitive issues raised by vertical mergers.

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Once a proposed buyer is identified, each agency will conduct an independent investigation to evaluate the proposed buyer, which often includes interviewing the proposed buyer as well as customers, suppliers and, on occasion, competitors. Goal of Antitrust Remedies The principal law caselits which the U.

The two agencies apply similar tests assessing whether to approve a proposed buyer.

Both agencies have a preference for clean-sweep divestitures over mix-and-match asset packages, although the FTC preference appears to be more pointed. Both agencies will closely examine proposed buyers to ensure that qualified buyers are selected and such buyers have the incentive, experience, and ability to utilize the divested assets to casekist competition in the market.

II. Goal of Antitrust Remedies

Agency insistence on an up-front buyer provision often causes delay of several months in completing the merger depending upon how long it takes to find a buyer and negotiate a contract of sale acceptable to the reviewing agency. Buckeye was acquiring from Shell a package of refined petroleum pipeline and terminal assets. According to the U. In such cases, a consent decree may require the seller to enter into a short-term supply agreement with the buyer, which can help prevent the loss or weakening of the divested assets during the transitional period.

Crown jewel provisions allow the reviewing agency to sweeten the package initially required to be divested by requiring merging parties to divest additional or different assets in the event the parties fail to divest the initial divestiture package as contemplated under, or within the time period specified in, the consent order.


For example, in the merger of Nestle Holding, Inc. Consent orders entered into with the DOJ typically contain an obligation to preserve assets, generally requiring the parties to take all steps necessary to preserve the divestiture assets and not to take any actions that would jeopardize the divestiture.

The DOJ tends not to employ such provisions. Timing of the Divestiture For many years, the agencies allowed merging parties to consummate their transaction without first identifying a buyer, providing a specified period, usually of one or two years, in which the parties were required to identify a proposed buyer and obtain agency approval.

It may be that a more conservative approach to merger remedies is correlated with the existence of a separate staff whose sole purpose is to address remedy compliance issues. This arises, for example, when the relevant products are marketed and distributed along with other products. Procedural History While both the Antitrust Division and the FTC are authorized to settle merger challenges without having to litigate, the authority on which each agency can do so differs.

Partial divestitures may also be acceptable where certain of the assets deemed necessary to operate successfully are already in the possession of the divestiture buyer or are readily obtainable from non-parties. Senate, July 24, The consent order required Buckeye to notify the FTC of any intention to acquire an interest in the Niles terminal and required Shell to notify the FTC of any intention to sell any interest in that terminal, both for a period of ten years.

Of course, an injunction is the most powerful weapon in the agency arsenal to prevent an anticompetitive merger from being consummated. The FTC required a consent order to memorialize the retention of these plants by Goodman and to address any potential future sales of these plants by Goodman to other parties. Examples of crown jewel provisions include adding more production facilities or retail outlets or even requiring the parties to divest the larger of two overlapping businesses if the smaller one has not been sold.

DOJ approval requires satisfying three fundamental tests.

Both agencies include caselkst in consent orders requiring the trustee to use its best efforts to sell the assets at the most favorable price, but ultimately divestiture trustees are obligated to sell the assets at any price.

October 25, Competitive Impact Statement, atavailable at http: Grossman to oversee the xylon NDT businessavailable at http: In fact, invirtually all FTC consent orders required upfront buyers. The agencies differ in their policies on upfront buyers. Second, the DOJ must be caselisst that the purchaser has the incentive to use the divestiture assets to compete in the relevant market rather than for some other purpose such as use in a different relevant market.


Both agencies will generally allow the parties the opportunity independently to market the assets to be divested. When the Commission votes to commence a proceeding, it commences an administrative proceeding governed by the provisions of the FTC Act. A review of consent orders confirms that the FTC has frequently used upfront buyer provisions in cases involving divestitures of assets that had not previously operated as a separate business. With the passage 0510241complaint the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act incaseliat agencies less often face the circumstances where a transaction has to be unwound.

II. Goal of Antitrust Remedies

Digene was the only company in the U. There are several reasons why it is more common to find conduct relief in vertical mergers than in horizontal transactions.

Requiring merging parties to promise not to engage in certain conduct can be contrary to the economic incentives of the parties and can result in market inefficiencies.

In re Allergan, File No. The Divestiture of An Existing Business Is Preferred Both the DOJ and the FTC have expressed preference for the divestiture of an ongoing or existing business over a collection of assets that have been cobbled together to meet a competitive concern. The consent order allowed the FTC to appoint an interim monitor if necessary,93 although the FTC ultimately chose not to 0510214com;laint so. Goal of Antitrust Remedies advertisement. So-called upfront buyer provisions are one of the areas of divergence in FTC and DOJ practice discussed in the next section of this paper.

One example where the FTC required the parties to enter into a consent order even after they had restructured their transaction is the transaction between Buckeye Partners and Shell Oil Company. Rather than indifference or hostility that is exhibited by some [selling firms], this [selling firm] had an internal reason to see the divestiture succeed.

For instance, the DOJ may 0510214complajnt a rapid divestiture when it believes critical assets may deteriorate quickly or there will be significant competitive harm before the assets are transferred to the purchaser.