Finn has escaped Incarceron, but Keiro and Attia are still Inside. Outside, things are not at all what Finn expected – and both Finn’s and Claudia’s very lives hang . Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Exclusive: A Letter from Catherine Fisher. In the dark Prison of Incarceron, the prisoners tell tales of a. Finn has escaped Incarceron, but Keiro and Attia are still Inside. Outside, things are not at all what Finn expected – and both Finn’s and Claudia’s very.

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The whole perfect world everyone was living in started falling apart, and I liked that. Besides the writing, I think the other strongest point of this book are the characters. Claudia is obnoxious, power-hungry and mistrusting. Definitely a series for the ages and one for my shelves!

Sapphique Quotes

I understand him a little bit better and that made me like him! What a huge let down this installment was!! The first book, Incarceron, created an intriguing world, but it also set the stage – for an escape from prison, for Finn’s rise to King, for a romantic relationship between Finn and Claudia.

Is that where Fisher got the name Sapphique any way? I always come back to this because there is something to be said about a beautifully written narrative. They have a mother tongue, which only Sapients can speak. Did they think I was reading some kind of trashy erotica or something? Near the beginning of Sapphique, I actually started to wonder if The Realm was actually the prison, and the prison was reality. Preview — Sapphique by Catherine Fisher.

Be the first to discover new talent! The main characters, Finn and Claudia, were nothing more than self-concerned brats throughout.

Especially since I don’t cathsrine Claudia, and she gets considerably more selfish and annoying and cold in this book; you’d think she’d grow as a person, but The setting is divided between two locations: The worldbuilding in this one truly knocked my socks off too. Jared puts on the glove and we realize that he was Sapphique. Overall i definitely recommend you pick up this series. In the prison, Attia dreamt of them, She sat curled on the hard chair, Rix repacking his hidden pockets obsessively with coins and glass discs and hidden handkerchiefs.


I’m still swpphique really sure what to make of the various visions of Sapphique that Attia, Rix, and Jared have. Perhaps the publishers rushed the book to print? See all 3 sapphiuqe about Sapphique….

Sapphique (Incarceron, #2) by Catherine Fisher

Return to Book Page. Please provide an email address. Meanwhile, back at the ranch hell that is Incarceron, Keiro and Attia are chasing after the eluse Sapphique’s glove as their emergency exit out of the prison, and mixing it up with run-ins with the Warden and a strange magician named Rix.

I actually liked how the point of view changed around a lot, because it gave me a look in everyone’s motives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from March All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Articles with multiple maintenance issues Pages to import images to Wikidata Use dmy dates from February Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He matters more than Keiro and Attia. In Fisher’s sequel, Finn’s been sprung out of one prison and into another — as future king of the Realm, he’s trapped in all the usual politicking. I am usually very quick to pick up on what’s happening in the plots of books. Jared slept beneath them, uneasy in the rustling leaves. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. See all books by Catherine Fisher. View all 3 comments. There is no technology in the realm because of protocol and Finn who escaped the prison believes the realm is just as bad as Incarceron.


Trivia About Sapphique Incarc If you know my thoughts regarding smart older men, it shouldn’t be too tough. Anyways, it was maddening because there’s not another sequel.

They told you a story but I didn’t get any feeling from it. Dec 28, Pages Young Adult Buy. Jan 31, Megan Baxter rated it liked it. Incarceron has built itself a body and it wants to go Outside — just like Sapphique, the only prisoner Incarceron ever loved.

But overall, I liked the way it moved along.

And he opened the door that none of them had seen until catuerine. Finn’s escaped, only to find that Outside is not at all what he expected. Jared’s fate wasn’t unpredictable, but the fate of the Outside Realm was.

Sapphique Quotes by Catherine Fisher

He still can’t remember his past life as Prince Giles, and he’s plagued by memories Keiro, trap I was so interested to read the follow-up to Incarceron that I ordered the UK version of Sapphique so I wouldn’t have to wait until December to find out what happened to Finn and Claudia and c’mon, having a UK edition is pretty cool, too.

What annoyed me was the lack of character development. Wow, not cool, Catherine Fisher. You can read why I came to this decision here. The actuality of what happens becomes so warped, but the seed of truth remains and from it still comes wisdom and power. There are about catherrine outrageous metaphors on each page, and I literally have to stop and give a sage nod to individual sentences. All of my problems with the first book still remain here.