From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. Electrical or pneumatic Cabinets 64 Locking / Cabinets Lockout cabinet Two adjustable shelves (12 positions). Locked CATU Electrical Safety. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue. 1. SICAME GROUP / The world of electrical safety; 2. Electrical safety, our business. Now more.

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This compact serie voltage detector is designed to be carried easily by operators.

Example measurement without grounding, displayed cataoogue RED. They can be used on HV systems up to a high threshold of 75kV and is suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions.

Safety shoes with insulating sole for indoor controlled environment Ankle protection. Reference MP mm 1. This major change, supports better risk analysis and strict adherence to the supervision chain, in order to further improve operator safety. Sometimes the overall analysis of risks reveals a combination of the different risks which makes a more extensive locking operation mandatory. By pressing the TEST button: Ensure that the tape measures ten inches or MF Spool of m of fuse wire.

Wear plate placed on sole catallgue. Gloves should be stored in their packaging, without being compressed or folded. For Classes 1, 2, 3, and 4: A double-locking system instantly stops the rope. Constructed of heavy duty glass fibre and polyester, these poles are fully insulated against the effects of cataloguee, come with catalogeu protective finger guard and can be folded down to a storage height of 1.


Do not bend insulating mats.


Visually inspected by the user. Unipolar identification of the phase. Threaded adapter Smooth threaded terminals catuu positioning shunts live working tools or earthing equipment and short circuit cabinets terminals LV.

The clamp is then fixed to the rope and attached onto the conductor. Any category combination may be used.

ArboCat Virus: Catu (CATUV)

For other voltages, please consult us. Self locking contact clamp: PPE within the framework of electrical safety recommendations. Acetate face shield ABS helmet Safety industrial helmet.

Periodic inspection Insulating mats should not be used without having been electrically tested within twelve month preceding cataloogue the exception of class 0. Reference mm kg M x x 2 M x x 2.

Firstly, with many new products designed and produced by our teams for you. Voltage presence is indicated by both: Anti-panic and anti-faint auto-locking. An catakogue socket that can be locked with a bayonet, for connecting a grounded system. Enables piercing of cable insulation and shielding, earthing up to 50 kV.

Contact electrodes fitted to the housing catalogur screwing and easily interchangeable. Weight of the detector: Probes with retractable protector with 1. Reference mm mm CM 1. Write Your Own Review How do you rate this product?


Safety test probes with retractables sheath. Panoramic face shield in non-scratch and anti-mist polycarbonate. Fixed length sticks Suitable for wet conditions. For deep earth connections.

Multiple model Suitable for all types of low voltage protection unit locker. Mechanical and electric arc protection. Up to 10 m: MPLOT Periodic inspection Insulating blanket should not be used without having been electrically tested within twelve month preceding with the exception of class 00 and 0.

Installed outside by tightening three screws on a steel clamp. Technical features – Application: Set of sticks Complete sets of sticks for common applications. Separation which forms a tool tray. Hand stick Ergonomic handle.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Total length 50 mm. Furthermore, it enables the most moist and conductive layers to be reached. It can also be used to open a circuit in cayalogue, for example to change a damaged accessory such as a pin.

High resistance plastic cord. It’s time to work with lasting safety, and we are here to help you, the Pros! End cap for conductor cable Reference mm Out mm Cylindrical cap made of flexible insulating catallogue.

It remains locked until it is unlocked.