cfchart with cfdocument pdf format. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. in. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. MM say that you can’t use cfchart inside cfdocument. Most people agree. However, you can. I have a fairly basic cfchart, format=”jpg”, nested.

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Check the file name of the PDF. Sign up using Email and Password.

cfchart and cfdocument

If your page has created any other output, don’t forget the Reset attribute as well: Read this before you post: I tried cfhtmltopdf it didn’t timeouts but it doesn’t generate the chart and shows “image missing icon”.

Owner password Use the ownerpassword attribute to specify a password that users must enter to view and optionally modify the document.

Thank you, I can’t recommend it enough. You can now find them here.


Thanks for the replies. What happens if you go to http: Your server can’t resolve an “internal” natted address, or is trying to use an external non-natted address through the firewall interface. In fact use a template that lets me export reports to word or excel by passing in the extension I want to use along with the other variables I need for the specific report.

No sooner did I post a comment than I realised my error. This content has been marked as final. Copy Specify the AllowCopy attribute to let viewers select and copy text from the document. Generate the chart as a jpeg image. Results 1 to 5 of 5. This forum is now closed to new posts, but you can browse existing content. You will also save yourself headaches by simply using the file method to include any resources into your PDF file.

Modification Specify the AllowModifyContents attribute to let viewers modify the document, assuming they have the required crdocument. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Here’s good news though. Comments 35 Comments [ Add Comment ] Yup. January 13, I use cfdochment with a particular report I generate for external users.


cfchart and cfdocument

First, as I show above, it’s CL Cfdpcument files were being sent as. I tried this on CF11 32bit and 6bit both having same issue. That’s not obvious from your question.

I think I can answer both together. With jpg and png the red x shows up, when I use flash, a blank box shows up. The defaults for these options vary, based on encryption level. I had 2 issues with PDF attachments using cfdocument. If the tag is at the end of the document, it has no affect. Can anyone give me an idea how to do this.