Raymond Camden’s blog contains an entry Exporting from CFGRID that we used in our project. The example in the article exports to PDF, but it. Below I have posted the sample code for exporting a table data in Excel/Pdf/CSV format. The code contains the comment line for each of the. I made this little script to add to all my cfgrid ‘s a button to export to Excel without programming anything on the backend. Under normal conditions you should.

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However, I get a Mach-II ccfgrid I was wondering how can I make the checkbox display right when the grid is displayed? Here is an example which uses the example tables that come with ColdFusion: Horizontal scroll bars are not available.

Cannot be used with the bind attribute.

Am I doing something wrong? Give the following propety to the cfformgroup that holds the third cfgrid.

Flash forms are case sensitive so if you type a form control name in lower case cfyrid the actual control name is in mixed case it won’t work. And all the data is being returned from a cfc through flash remoting on every search executed. Macromedia LiveDocs system says you can use: Boolean value that specifies whether the control is enabled. The following example creates a Flash form that displays a set of available courses from the CourseList table in the cfdocexamples database.


Has anyone tried this? I am currently using the filter grid with the query getArtists shown below. For this tag to work properly in either Flash or applet format, the browser must also be JavaScript-enabled. After the user submits the form Expor process the rows for which the check box was changed dfgrid looping through the array form. Sign up using Email and Password.

I was able to modify an ‘actionFilter’ and an ‘actionFilter2’ with little problem. This has caused some difficulty with these solutions because the application doesn’t spit out a neat HTML table but instead sends a javascript page section. Live Example Download the source.

If this attribute is yes, selections are preserved when the grid sorts. Cannot be used with the query attribute. Specifically this line right here: I used it to filter the grid based on multiple input fields for an address book.

John, You have different options. Nullam a nisi lacus, non interdum ante.

Filtering a cfgrid as you type -revisited- – AsFusion

Pleas tell me cfgric is another way around this. I have a cfgrid where the filtering works. The other thing I have recently heard about about is CF.


Why does life hate me? Basicaly whenever someone clicks on tab2 I want to refresh the cfgrid with new data without refreshing the entire page. Is there any event that get triggered when a new tab is selected. I really appreciate the help!

C Ernesto López: CFGRID: Export to CSV button using only Javascript

Clint, it uses whatever query you pass to it, and extracts a subset of the data. One is that the server seems to constantly fight me with the ‘write’ function in this tag.

So I need to refesh what tab2 is showing when someone click on tab2 based on what record the user choose in tab1. Currently I have to click on the cell to make the checkbox appear.

One of the columns expoft the grid is a check box. Donec ipsum mauris, sagittis eu accumsan in, aliquam non ipsum.