I am trying to download the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System ( CFPAS) from. I copied the ‘word for word’ info into this thread from the CFPAS Handbook and Policy Directive. You sound like you are somewhat familiar with. 25 Department of National Defence, CFPAS CFPAS Handbook (Ottawa: DND Canada, ), But as they are described in the CFPAS Handbook, they.

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A culture has been created within the CAF where constructive feedback often equates to bullying, where compassion for our members equates to protecting their feelings, and where employee happiness supersedes meaningful professional development. Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”. After all, if something is handbook to the commander, then it will be important to the subordinate commanders and staff as well. The grievor’s supervisor also confirmed that the draft PER hanvbook an accurate reflection of his perception of the grievor’s performance and potential.

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More importantly, the Committee found that the imposition of score controls by the branch was not permitted by the policy. Typically, there is not an immediate expectation of perfection. Rather, it is the tacit encouragement of poor performance. For example, some units will automatically rank certain people at the top of their merit list, simply due to the position they hold. The fear of hurting feelings trumps their ability to speak with honesty.

Summarizing this point, Scott suggests:. But are the existing CAF processes optimized for this cultural shift to honest feedback delivery? The grievor complained that his Personnel Evaluation Report PER scores should not have been lower than his previous assessment, and that his PER did not accurately reflect his performance and potential during the reporting period, failed to adequately recognize two letters of appreciation, and was not administered in accordance with policy.


Additionally, all CAF members must become adept at accepting critical feedback as a necessary means to a better end. Login error when trying to access an account e.

CFPAS — SEPFC Download – The CFPAS application contains specific procedures of CFPAS processes

Second, the subordinate must readily accept this critical feedback and earnestly endeavour to change behavior such that noted deficiencies are overcome. It has a spelling mistake.

How can change be elicited within the CAF leadership? Indeed, thoughtful, negative feedback needs to be given so cfpsa can shorten their learning curve and achieve success more quickly. The Committee also found, based on CFPAS policy, that there was no obligation to specifically mention letters of appreciation in the PER narrative, noting that the narrative did describe in some detail the grievor’s contribution as indicated by the two letters of appreciation.

Major Robb has also completed two operational tours in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Simply put, our leaders must act more dispassionately when delivering performance reviews and accept the fact that truthful feedback is what is best for the individual, the leader, and the organization writ large.

Indeed, it is this feedback which enables people to become aware of potential barriers to success, thereby affording them the knowledge to ascend and surpass these barriers.

The latter, however, is the foundation of real meaningful growth. Therefore the Committee recommended that a replacement PERbased on the grievor’s performance and potential as observed during the reporting period, be completed. He asserted that the PER was a marked departure from his previous evaluations and alleged that it was a veiled attempt by his branch to bar him from being promoted, and to engineer his removal from future Selection Board considerations.

The voice inflection continued.

Lying to subordinates for fear of being labelled as an unkind or uncaring leader will not lead to changed behavior and will not foster trust between leaders and subordinates. You will not receive a reply. Finally, the IA denied the grievor’s request to re-score the PERnoting that the grievor had not provided any convincing evidence in his representations that would support higher scores. Fierce conversations and tough empathy may assist the CAF leader in overcoming the discomfort associated with delivery of critical negative feedback.


At the extreme pinnacle of personnel mismanagement, managers request that their subordinates prepare an handboook of their own performance for his or her cvpas and use this appraisal to comply with company policy.

Finally, the limitations of the CFPAS must be acknowledged, handbooi CAF leaders need to ensure that these same limitations do not steer them away from the delivery of critical negative feedback. Additionally, without honest feedback, we cannot effectively evaluate and develop our subordinates, which is one of the espoused leadership fundamentals of the CAF.

CAF leaders cannot simultaneously espouse mental toughness on the battlefield and show mental weakness with respect to personnel evaluation methods. Instead of viewing the feedback as an earnest attempt to encourage professional development, many individuals decide to react in an entirely unhelpful manner, adopting a defensive attitude to fend off the seemingly personal attack.

In many cases, instead of accepting the criticism, defensiveness and denial ensue, the message is lost, and a newfound contempt toward the supervisor takes hold.

Translation of “CFPAS Handbook” in French

Other issue not in this list. Instead, the responsibility fell to the sub-unit commander, Major Renault. The data from a survey of CAF members suggests, however, that this is easier said than done, and that perhaps some new tools are required. Master Corporal Sampson, a highly regarded clerk within her unit, was without peer.