Political liberalism seeks to define the principles of political association in terms that are independent, not only of religious convictions and Charles Larmore. In his essay “Political Liberalism,” Larmore begins with a question: how ought liberalism to be characterized? What is its guiding spirit?. This post is a summary of: Charles Larmore, “Political Liberalism: Its Motivations and Goals” in Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Volume 1.

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Political Liberalism

Political Theory 18 3: Political Liberalism Charles Larmore 3. Public Reason a blog for political philosophers. Related Titles The Terms of Order.

NBP “If justice perishes, then it is no longer worthwhile for men to live upon the earth. But political principles, Larmore thinks, have a liberalismm feature: According to individualism, we ought to always maintain only a contingent allegiance to any substantial view of the good life because what really matters is autonomy Kant or individuality Mill.

Shaun Young – – Minerva 6: Feminist History of Philosophy.

If our aim is to devise principle of political association and if we are resolved to respect each other as persons in liberaliwm effort, then the principles to be established must be ones which are justifiable to everyone whom they are to bind.


Public Reason a blog for political philosophers. But what justifies this claim? Collis Tahzib – – Journal of Political Philosophy 26 4: Political Liberalism in Social and Political Philosophy categorize this paper.

Charles Larmore, Political Liberalism – PhilPapers

We ought, therefore, to look for a different type of justification, one which the romantic, too, could accept. Jonathan Quong – – Oxford University Press.

Larmore identifies two such problem: Alan Carter – – Journal of Moral Philosophy 3 2: From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy journals.

The underlying principle here respect for persons is, of course, not likely to be endorsed by poolitical. What is it like to be a woman in philosophy? Philosophical Foundations of the Faith-Based Initiative.

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Pablo Gilabert – – Philosophy and Social Criticism 31 2: The Blog “If justice perishes, then it is no longer worthwhile for men to live upon the earth. Tagged classical liberalism coercion Liberalis legitimacy Liberalism nation-state Political liberalism Political Philosophy. No keywords specified fix it.

Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: The justification must fall between two extremes: Added to PP index Total downloads 28, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 7 76, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? Territorial rights New Directions and Challenges. Acceptable political principles must thus conform to the cardinal principle of neutrality toward controversial views about the good life Gender, Race and Philosophy: An-kui Tan – – Modern Philosophy 5: Value Neutrality and the Ranking of Opportunity Sets.


Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: PEA Soup “If justice perishes, then it is no longer worthwhile for men to live upon the earth. The future for political liberalism, Larmore notes, is uncertain and, just as earlier forms of classical liberalism could not meet the challenges of their times, perhaps political liberalism cannot meet its challenges.

Or, perhaps, when peers disagree, people ought to backtrack and recant their original views. This argument makes two assumptions: Michael Garnett – – Economics and Philosophy 32 1: You are commenting using your WordPress. Philosophy Now “If justice perishes, then it is no longer worthwhile for men to live upon the earth.

Find it on Scholar. Sign in to use this feature. Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Volume 1.