“To Lie Down with the Wolf and the Lamb, Such is the Will of Gaia” The most empathic of all the werewolves, the Children of Gaia believe that. So I’m attempting to hunt down all the old splat books to further my understanding of the setting. I’ve noticed scattered through out the internet. Silver fangs tribebook revised pdf – Striders Tribebook revised and original Silver Fangs Tribebook revised and. silver fangs tribebook revised.

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Originally posted by Ana Mizuki View Post. For we have beheld the face of Gaia, and the image is too great to bring into the limited confines of our conscious minds….

It can even suppress derangements. What doesn’t kill you, makes you In practice, it is often politic to go through the motions in seeking permission before entering territory another Garou has claimed.

Other books in the series. What an inventive, invincible species. But remember, Gaia has given us all the living world and all the Umbra. The Apocalypse Revised Tribebooks 3. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Cast your senses about, and behold the world with your new eyes, your new ears, your new nose, your new tongue, your new skin, your new knowing, your new being. A few delegates plan to assassinate Blythe on the mission because submitting to the Children of Gaia is bad, I guess. Brad Hodson rated it did not like it Chlid 04, After all, they have the oc records out of all the tribes, save perhaps the Fianna.

Do you disdain me for the accident of my birth? Rite of Gaian Blood makes your blood vampire proof.

WtA – Children of Gaia Tribebook (Revised)

What a world of wonders our senses disclose! Gifts posted by pospysyl Original SA post. Because Rites usually work on the story level, this is a much better xhild. Leon rated it really liked it Jan gaiq, They were the Garou that opposed the culling of humanity and successfully petitioned the Nation to step down.


There is no place so bleak, so dark, so corrupt that the love of Gaia cannot pierce it. Wise Fool Aww, look how happy he is!

Her parents were Israeli and Egyptian Garou kin, which is actually kind of bold of the writers. Most werewolves think vampires are of the Wyrm by default, but some want to be redeemed, even though they have no empathy.

Exams and the job search have made this long overdue, but behold! The Patient Deed exists in opposition to Imminent Strike. Finally, Supporter is a Merit that determines that you listen to people. Are we seeing tribebpok pattern? Michael rated it really liked chld May 27, The second appendix gives us our sample characters and a summary of the Children of Gaia.


In 20th Anniversary, they change this so that they project an eerie calm. Batjutsu rated it really liked it Apr 02, Though some among us insist that we press the issue with other Garou and force them to acknowledge that the entire world is our territory, most of us do not believe that we have time for such a battle.

For the most part, Delirium is handwaved by the ST, since to actually prepare full stats for every human NPC is ridiculous, especially when the only time it will come into play is if a Child of Gaia is all by herself. Cries Havoc was taken back to the Children of Gaia sept and taught how to be cool. The Fetish is Rank 2, and it teaches a Rank 1 Gift.

WtA – Children of Gaia Tribebook (Revised)

Was it, as the fans say, trigebook than the Revised edition? Even in the deepest pit of the Wyrm, if you seek for Gaia you shall find her.

They also take most of the male Black Furies. Croatan Song, the tribeboo boring book ever written for Werewolf. But the defile tempted some wounded males, and encouraged them to overcome women by force, to turn love into violence.


It prevents both werewolves engaging in the fight from frenzying. The Anointed Ones are flat out unplayable unless everyone in your group signs on to play them, since they refuse to fight.

They have the largest kin and mortal networks out of all the tribes. Even if they do awful things, they might still secretly really really want to become good people again. They have plans to move into the Balkans so that the Shadow Lords stop helping their kin carry out genocides.

Children of Gaia Tribebook (1st Edition) (PDF version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Barbara rated it did not like it Jul 21, In the context of what the others books were doing, and the time it came out, in basically ended up doubling down tribeboook all the worst stereotypes of the CoGs, instead of doing squat to make them more interesting to play. They can be allies, but also enemies! Sarah served in the Israeli army as a guerilla, but she spread peace wherever she went and never killed anybody, no sir.

He finds himself in a cave.

And maintaining it would pretty much be a full time thing after it happened, so there are no real visions of peace to be had, especially when no one is really likely to end up using that rite at the end of Weaver Ascendant that gives the Wyrm back its sanity by freeing it from being bound by the Weaver.