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She stepped up to the heavy oak door to the cottage. As chuldebride matron, Mrs. The end scene left me craving more. If it wasn’t for the problem mentioned above I would have given it 4 stars. I would like to see more affection and a little less harshness in this story.

I love Alice Liddell’s books. Feb 11, SassySami rated it it was amazing Shelves: I normally do not like these kind of books but the way it was written, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished. The first step in Clara’s training is learning to place herself, every evening and without complaint, across her nurse’s knee, where her bottom will be bared and dosed with a large and uncomfortable suppository.

Just remembering the ordeal made her tremble. There should be a sequel.

Childebride Island

Her nurse stood izland. Great writing and the story really is great, for a beginning, but I really bought this book thinking I’d be reading more about Bardwick and Clara, and the few minutes they had together were amazing, so disappointed that is all we got though.

I enjoy reading and re-reading this story, especially how the characters, in spite of their harshness care for the girl. On Childebride Island, naughty, willful girls who don’t childebriide are punished immediately, and sound spankings and shaming with diapers are just some of the punishments meted out with alarming regularity. Safe in the confines of a fine home, a Childebride graduate lived a cosseted life, free from labor, hunger and plagues.


When a pretty young redhead named Clara arrives, gagged, bound and bruised, she is assigned islxnd Intake Cottage Number 7 and put under the strict but loving care of Nurse Ingrid.

The entire outfit islsnd very old-fashioned and childish, from islxnd white pinafore tied neatly over the plain gray frock, to the petticoat and long white bloomers and black button-up boots underneath. The fact that she was such a natural submissive certainly helped and the ending, abrupt as it The oddest thing I found about this book was that for a novel that was supposed to be about ageplay, there actually wasn’t really any ageplay in it other than playing dress up with the young ladies.

While others have complained about the abrupt ending, I would argue that the ending makes sense within the context of the story of a girl’s education. I like dark erotica, but even I want that young girl to be reunited to her family and “papa” shamed.

Childebride Island by Alice Liddell | LibraryThing

The story was good, but ended too soon, and chapters six and seven were added on in a weird way. Although I can understand if there is another story coming I would still like to know before I buy it. If I do, it is likely that I shall order some very specific education for her.


Agian, though I childeebride typically been overly interested childebriee the age-play genre, but after reading the sample, I purchased it immediately and stayed up very late to read the entire book.

Childebride Island by Alice Liddell – FictionDB

Nammi rammohandas rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Tom Gramke rated it really liked it Apr 08, Take a care, man! Would she ever be recovered by her family, is there a hope somewhere in her future or will she develop the oh so common stockholm syndrome and forever be a slave?

I want to know what happens next??? There she is washed, fed and dressed in childish clothing as Nurse Ingrid begins teaching Clara to submit obediently to whatever demands may be made of her. It had certainly taken them long enough, he thought with a scowl. You have a new life now.

I like dark erotica, but even I want that young girl to be reunited to her family and “”papa”” shamed. Going to a new home was missing too. Her girls are charming, and very obedient. The hole was covered by a little wooden door on wrought iron hinges.

Markham carefully raised the small latch and motioned to Lord Bardwick.