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Archaeological and Ethnographic advertisement.

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This survey is divinqtion necessarily better in any way except for the fact that it is more up-to-datejust better suited for the purposes of my study. But given the many similarities between sieidi and rock art sites, it may nevertheless be more than a simple coincidence that oblique crosses are occasionally carved on both wooden and stone sieidi Fig.

Tulkintaa neuropsykologian ja maalausten sijainnin idvination. These rely on the information that is inherent in the images, associated finds and the location of the sites. Kalliomaalauksemme – ikkuna suomalais-ugrilaiseen muinaisuuteen.

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Not all humans, boats and elk are the same, either. Examples of divinatino types of human figures in Finnish rock art: Names in italics show koskki number of geographically limited but important rock art clusters. Given the chronological differences, however, some discrepancy between the archaeology and the ethnography is only to be delksion.

San Rock Art and the Somatic Past. Some Principle Points of View. More sophisticated chemical or physical pigment analyses would be needed to determine if other components such as egg yolk, blood or animal grease were mixed in the paint to serve as binders or for some symbolic reason. Following that, the painting tradition begins to decline and seems to end around BC or the beginning of the Early Metal Period.


Perhaps the best example is formed by the painting of Halsvuori Fig. This introduction is divided into two parts, the first of which ans in some detail the geographic distribution and location of the sites, their range of motifs, the dating of the art, its history of research and its prehistoric context. Using shore displacement chronology, the art has been dated to ca.

Surprisingly many of the datable finds made at rock painting sites date to this period of decline. A Touch of Red 19 Location, subject matter and dating 2. Appendix 1arguably the most important sources for interpretation are those pertaining to Saami religion, which were recorded by 17th and 18th century missionaries mainly in Norwegian and Swedish Lapland, and in a few cases, also in the territory of modern Finland.

The three stages of trance as they might be As presented by David Lewis-Williams and perceived by a Westerner according to Lewis-Williams Thomas Dowson in their article titled Even so, and in the light of similarly young datings from Norwegian and Swedish rock painting sites Hebba Helberg ; Lindgren ; Hanssonthese anomalies invite further research and provide preliminary evidence that some form of activity associated with rock art sites may have continued until surprisingly recent times.

A Touch of Red : Archaeological and Ethnographic

Cambridge, Cambridge University press. Monumental art of Northern Europe from the Stone Age: This may have contributed to a notion that not only were they kodki by specific spirit-helper beings, but also the cliffs themselves may have been thought of as living beings Papers II and III. A Touch of Red 33 Location, subject matter and dating Systematic use of the shore displacement method for dating prehistoric settlements and similar archaeological remains began in Finland divinatoin in the early 20th century.

The relationship between rock art and the sieidi is discussed and analysed in the light of contemporary theories of anthropomorphism and animism.


For example, in the painting at Halsvuori Miettinenwe see two human figures, both of them carrying some smallish mammal beaver or squirrel? A part of the rock painting of Ruominkapia. However, the stone is a stray find it is therefore of not much use in dating. However, koxki cultural differences may form only a part of the explanation.

The motif seems clearly related to images of ships in the rock arts of Scandinavia and Russian Karelia, where they are generally more readily recognisable as boats.

In Siberian shamanism, boats occur in this function, as pointed out by Siikala and exemplified by the metal decorations drlusion certain shaman costumes Fig.

M tyra quicker maths pdf scribd

The two fragments of stone arrow points found in front of the Astuvansalmi painting may be remains of such a rite. The definition adopted here corresponds closely to that of David Lewis-Williams bwhose list of what shamanism entails is unusually detailed and lucid and is therefore worth quoting at length: Hamina, Suomen arkeologinen seura. North European hunter-gatherer rock art is rather well-suited for this kind of dating e.

Aside from water-birds, a few human stick-figures have been identified in Typical Comb Ware pottery decoration Taavitsainen ; Huurre Readers who are mainly interested in what the art means may choose to move directly to this part. It seems a little odd that the first recorded discovery of rock art in Finland took place as divinatoin as the beginning of the 20th century.