A Loucura do trabalho: estudo de psicopatologia do trabalho. Front Cover. Christophe Dejours. Cortez, – pages. developed in the s by the French researcher Christophe Dejours. It has been .. A Loucura do Trabalho: estudo de Psicopatologia do Trabalho. 5ª ed. São. Mar 4, OF WORK: A VIEW ON CRISTOPHE. DEJOURS’ .. Dejours C. A loucura do trabalho: estudo de psicopatologia do trabalho. 5ª ed. São Paulo.

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Burnout at Work in Modern Times

Introducao hcristophe Sociologia do Trabalho. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This is the meaning that is obliterated by neoliberalism. In this sense, every loss engenders burnout. In this sense, Pitta [ 10 ] states that: Dejours [ 5 ] proposed a new appreciation of the concept of work-related mental load, which cannot dejouurs quantified, for it is qualitative and as an experience cannot be measured, such as pleasure, satisfaction, frustration, aggressiveness.

Da Psicopatologia a Psicodinamica do Trabalho: In these factors, there is a fundamental articulation between the work process, the form of administrating chistophe process, and mental health. According to Ferreira [ 8 ], the system of relationships that consequently exist in a company, in essence, is not within the workplace, but determines it.

Pathogenic suffering occurs when the work organization is in conflict lokcura the psychological functioning of men and all the possibilities of adaptation between the work organization and desire collapse. Introduction This study investigated the causal conditions and manifestations of the burnout syndrome at the workplace.

This theme, under various circumstances, has generated research studies which focus on the inception of the varieties of burnout among workers from the various fields of production. In the psychodynamics of work, mental illnesses are not the focus of analysis, rather the behaviors and attitudes that indicate mental suffering and the struggle against mental illness are concentrated upon. The first analysis of suffering designates the field that separates illness traballho health.

Then, as a dejougs of mediation, for all this is a dehours process, individuals create forms to protect themselves, developing defensive strategies.

Codo W, Jacques MG. In the psychodynamics of work of the Dejourian School, it was possible to apprehend the object of the study through the conflicts evident in work situations, making it possible to understand the work organization as an intrinsic factor in the constitution of the burnout syndrome.


Desenho do trabalho e patologia organizacional: Its followers founded the Dejourian School, gathering various specialists and research fields.

The meaning of work is much more than the mere execution of tasks in the system of relationships within the company, but it permeates the ambit of family and society.

Reestruturacao Produtiva e Trabalho em Saude no Brasil. Pressures within this articulation are derived from the work organization. Psychodynamics of Work Considered an evolution of the psychopathology of work, and therefore, also called the new psychopathology of work, this study is more oriented toward identifying specific chritsophe illnesses correlated to the profession or to the work situations.

A Loucura do trabalho: estudo de psicopatologia do trabalho – Christophe Dejours – Google Books

Dejours C, DejoAbdoucheli E. In this situation, the psychological load is negative, it is part of the pleasure at work and it counterbalances, in part, physical and nervous loads, to the point that it assures these workers a balance. Thus, for Jackson Filho [ 15 ], the hierarchy, and the division of tasks and people are considered essential initial factors to understand the work organization.

Most legislations recognize stress and depression as occupational illnesses. These subjects are based on physiology, neurology, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, and psychoanalysis [ 2 ]. In that way, workers build private defense reactions considering three functional variables: In those studies, psychoanalytical concepts have served as a support to their theoretical construct for the purpose of analyzing mental suffering associated with work and the genesis of that suffering.

According to Seligmann-Silva [ 1 ], this evolving feature of research, that is, work and mental health, is primarily based on interdisciplinarity and attempts to integrate distinct views of the biological, human, and exact sciences. Thus, some people need strong psychosensory demands. Leopardi [ dl ], christoohe to the questions related to work, says that in the conceptions on its development viewed from the political-economic perspective, people are perceived as mere objects, whose value depends on the variation of a certain currency in the payment to a work force.


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The psychological load is, therefore, the result of a confrontation between desire and the orders of their superiors [ 4 ]. Support Center Support Center. Currently, in addition to profit, which is the primary objective of a company, what characterizes it is the profile adopted by the organization, planning, and management. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The specific aims were to evaluate the issues of mental health and mental illness at work, to understand the psychodynamics of work, and to analyze work and burnout. The methodology used is the literature review. This study presented the theoretical fundamentals involving the issue of burnout at work.

As doencas dos trabalhadores. In this case, the psychological load will be positive, otherwise, the psychological load will be negative, and the work will be considered as a balancing agent.

Work here is understood as a general and homogeneous reality, a social relationship, a mode of using the work force. The statute or role in which are gathered the particular function fulfilled by the individual in the company, the form of his task, the qualification that is acknowledged in him, and the privileges that are given or refused to him are empirical aggregates, resulting from the social functioning of the isolated company.

Thus, when encountering identical work pressures, the consequences on mental functioning are not the same, for there is a private-social conflict, where it is observed that the private vigorously resists.

Burnout at Work in Modern Times

Dejour theoretical construct of Seligmann-Silva enabled the use of the concept of burnout associated with the sense of loss, thus dejourz its conception. The methodology used is literature review, through theoretical research of books and journals related to the theme.

Please review our privacy policy. Saude mental e trabalho: Teamwork for encountering challenges and possibilities in everyday situations will enable workers to surpass the differences in their backgrounds, resolve work conflicts, and overcome intra-psychological conflicts, thus leaving an open path for either resilience or depression.