Annual Report, Interactive Annual Report and Form 10K. Chubb Limited. PDF · Interactive (HTML) · Form 10K (HTML). Order Free Hardcopy. You can. Analyze up to 10 years of full 10K Annual Reports and Quarterly 10Q SEC filings for Chubb Ltd (CB) using our online tools to quickly find. Get SEC filings for Chubb Corp (CB), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q).

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PPD – gross of related If our loss reserves are inadequate, we may be required to increase loss reserves at the time of the determination and our net income and capital may be reduced.

The insurance and reinsurance markets have historically been cyclical, characterized by periods of intense price competition due to excessive underwriting capacity as well as periods when shortages of capacity permitted favorable premium levels.

For most chubn lines of business we offer, insureds typically 1k the services of an insurance broker or agent. Inwe produced net Other legal requirements include discretionary licensing procedures, compulsory cessions of reinsurance, local retention of funds and records, data privacy and protection program requirements, and foreign exchange controls.

10, to granting approval of an application to acquire control of a domestic insurer, the state insurance commissioner will consider such factors as the financial strength of the applicant, the integrity and management of the applicant’s Board of Directors and executive officers, the acquirer’s plans for the future operations of the domestic insurer, and any anti-competitive results that may arise from the consummation of the acquisition of control.

This increase in premiums was We had 10o net premiums Because a person acquiring 10 percent or more of our Common Shares would indirectly control the same percentage of the stock of our U. Our dividends are generally subject to a Swiss withholding tax at a rate of 35 xhubb however, payment of a dividend in the form of a par value reduction or qualifying capital contribution reserves reduction is not subject to Swiss withholding tax.

Chubb Limited

This includes periodic reporting obligations to the Department. The success of the Chubb acquisition will depend, in part, on our ability to realize the anticipated benefits and cost savings from combining our businesses.

Chubb Limited is a holding company and does not have any significant operations or assets other than its ownership of the shares of its operating insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries. Some of the assumptions that we have made, such 10, the achievement of operating synergies, may not be realized.

10kk This generally would be the case if either we are a CFC and the tax-exempt shareholder is a 10 percent U. In particular, the European Union’s EU executive body, the European Commission, implemented a new capital adequacy and risk management regulations for the 10j insurance industry, known as Solvency Cgubb, which aims to establish a revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards that replaced the Solvency I requirements.


ACE Tempest Re Bermuda principally provides property catastrophe reinsurance on an excess of loss basis globally to insurers of commercial and personal property. Please wait while we load the requested K report or click the link below:. We believe these measures provide The Unpaid losses and loss expense information for acquired businesses has been included in the table from the acquisition date forward: Our operating results and shareholders’ equity may be adversely affected by currency fluctuations.

We cannot predict the impact that changing climate conditions, if any, may have on our results of operations or our financial condition. Before a person can acquire control of a U. 10o each country imposes licensing, solvency, auditing, and financial reporting requirements, the type and extent of the requirements differ substantially.

Chubb Limited – Investor Relations – Financials – SEC Filings

The ERU is responsible for the collation and analysis of risk insight in two key areas. Policy acquisition costs, which consist In addition, regulatory changes sometimes affect our obligations to post collateral. The objective of these rating systems is to provide an opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet ongoing obligations to its policyholders. Insurance Subsidiary” were to equal or exceed 20 percent of that company’s gross insurance income in any taxable year and direct or indirect insureds and persons related to those insureds own directly or indirectly through foreign entities 20 percent or more of the voting power or value of Chubb Limited, then a U.

Chubb Ltd (CB) 10K Annual Reports & 10Q SEC Filings | Last10K

On a comparative basis, which Section Certification Exhibit Statutory surplus is an important measure used by the regulators and rating agencies to assess our U.

While we believe the intercompany reinsurance recoverables from Century are not impaired at this time, we cannot assure that adverse development with respect to Century’s loss reserves, if manifested, will not result in Century’s insolvency, which could result in our recognizing a loss to the extent of any uncollectible reinsurance from Century.

Chubb has also been advised by its Swiss counsel that there is no treaty in effect between the U. Insurance and reinsurance markets are historically cyclical, and we expect to experience periods with excess underwriting capacity and unfavorable premium rates. With respect to products that include supplemental medical and hospital indemnity coverages, we typically pay fixed amounts for claims and are therefore insulated from rising health care costs. From time to time, Chubb and its subsidiaries and affiliates receive inquiries from state agencies and attorneys general, with which we generally comply, seeking information concerning business practices, such as underwriting and non-traditional or loss mitigation insurance products.


Prior to joining Chubb, Mr. Under Solvency II, it is possible that a U.

In the case of equity financings, dilution to our shareholders could result, and in any case, such securities may have rights, preferences, chub privileges that are senior to those of our Common Shares. In addition to the pro-rata and excess of loss reinsurance protections inherent in the SRA, we also purchase third-party proportional and stop-loss reinsurance for our MPCI business to reduce our exposure.

Any such evaluations could result in future changes in estimates 10kk losses or reinsurance recoverables and would be reflected in our results of operations in the period in which the estimates are changed. In Septemberpursuant to legislation passed in the state of Pennsylvania, U. First, while the use of SinceACE Life Re has not quoted on new opportunities in the variable annuity reinsurance marketplace and our focus has been on managing the current portfolio of risk, both in the aggregate and on a contract basis.

The insurance industry is also affected by political, fhubb, and legal developments that may create new and expanded regulations and theories of liability. On occasion, there will be Consolidated net premiums written increased Examples include proportional chhubb where the reinsurer shares a proportional part of the premiums and losses of the ceding company and per risk excess of loss treaty reinsurance where coverage applies on a per risk hcubb rather than per event or aggregate basis, together with casualty catastrophe workers’ compensation and specialty lines crop and terrorism.

Under certain circumstances, U. Chubb Limited and our non-U. We believe that our current estimates of net liabilities appropriately reflect our current knowledge of the business profile and the prevailing market, social, legal, and economic conditions while giving due consideration to historical trends and volatility evidenced in our markets over 10o longer term. Factors that could have a material impact on our results of operations or financial condition are outlined below.

Our insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries conduct business globally, including in all 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia. Property insurance products include traditional commercial fire coverage as well as energy industry-related, marine, construction, and other technical coverages.

In addition, capital market participants have created alternative.