Intended Use: CIDEX® OPA Solution is a high level disinfectant for reprocessing heat sensitive reusable semi-critical medical devices, for which sterilization is. Cidex 14 day use, a % alkaline glutaraldehyde solution, destroys % of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in 45 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius. Cidex OPA®. J Hosp Infect. Jul;54(3) An evaluation of Cidex OPA (% ortho- phthalaldehyde) as an alternative to 2% glutaraldehyde for high-level.

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Secondary outcome [1] 0. Date of last data collection. Participants will be allocated to the next available cystoscopy clinic day.

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This is diluted in five litres of water. A single measurement at days post intervention which is then compared with baseline Query!

Timepoint [4] 0. It is anticipated that there will be at least 8 clinic study days. The cycle consists of a 10 minute soaking and soak rinse phase ola Cidex OPA, a rinse 1 phase for 7 minutes in potable water, a rinse 2 phase for 6 minutes in potable water, a 30 second alcohol rinse and then a three minute air purge to dry the instrument.

Effectiveness of high level disinfectants for flexible cystoscopes 0 Query! Purpose of the study. Cidex OPA is a solution containing ortho-phthaldehyde which is used in conjunction with a Ciex specialised cleaning machine. In this way, investigators allocating participants to a cystoscopy clinic study day do not know which disinfectant will be used on that day.


Exclusion criteria include the requirement of a biopsy during the procedure. The Primary Endpoint is the rate of acquired urinary tract infections as determined by ooa mid-stream urine test MSU days post intervention in the participants undergoing flexible cystoscopy when the cystoscope is disinfected with Tristel Fusion compared with Cidex OPA.

Results — plain English summary.

Tristel Solutions Ltd Query! It is not possible to blind the people conducting the disinfection since the two products are different in appearance and procedures required. Name [1] 0. Cost-effectiveness of the 2 disinfectants will be assessed: Have study results been made publicly available in another format?

Before participating in a study, talk to your oopa care provider and refer to this information for consumers. Secondary outcome [4] 0.

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Secondary outcome [2] 0. Type of endpoint s. Timepoint [3] 0. A randomised single-blind comparison of the rate of urinary tract infections in participants undergoing flexible cystoscopy when the flexible cystoscope is disinfected with Tristel Fusion chlorine dioxide compared with Cidex OPA ortho- phthaldehyde Query!

Ppa males and females Query!


J&J / ASP Cidex OPA Solution High Level Disinfectant -GA – Buy Online From Chicago Medical Supply

Other infectious diseases Query! Tristel Fusion consists of ml chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution. Intervention code [1] 0. Date submitted for ethics approval [1] 0. Ethics committee address [1] 0. Simple randomisation by using a randomization table lpa by a computer software i. Ethics committee name [1] 0. During this time no submissions or updates will be processed.

Have study results been published in a peer-reviewed journal?

A randomised single-blind comparison of the effectiveness of the high-level disinfectants Tristel Fusion chlorine dioxide and Cides OPA ortho-phthaldehyde for use with flexible cystoscopes Query!

Contact person for scientific queries. Tristel Solutions Limited UK produces a range of high level disinfectant products which use chlorine dioxide chemistry and the products have also been used as a disinfectant for a wide variety of instruments and surfaces without safety issues Tristel data on file.

Secondary sponsor category [1] 0. The randomisation process will be constructed by the independent statistician to ensure there are equivalent numbers of Tristel Fusion and Cidex OPA study days.