The Press The CINVA-Ram Block Press is a simple, low-cost portable machine for making building blocks and tiles from common soil (see Fig. 1). The press. The CETA-RAM is a manually operated block press, developed by the housing . The CETA-RAM is a modified version of the well known CINVA-RAM. 17 products offers 17 cinva ram products. About 88% of these are brick making machinery, 5% are other earthwork products. A wide variety of cinva.

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They are working good so farbut i am howevernot done welding everything together yet.

Cinva Ram Wholesale, Ram Suppliers – Alibaba

Burra’s got it embedded below. Anybody out there have that available? It only shows the diameter. Reader Contribution By Dan Johnson. Because you can’t buy steel plate in the States except in Imperial units. Do you know of any clear, nontoxic finishes that we could use to keep the red dust from getting everywhere, but still see the bricks?

Have you seen plans for a press that uses hydraulic pressure? I am having trouble finding or pricing them online.

We will use a plaster for the outside, but on the inside we’d like to leave a few of the walls exposed because we love the bricks so much. By adjusting the screws,the height of the brick can be changed. Thanks, Burra, you’re the best! The weight was impossible, getting smooth, square cuts was impossible, and welding it was no cakewalk either. One hinge for the latch assembly: If anyone is interested please email me at jess. Thank you very much Mike It worked very well with those measures.


I have seen postings elsewhere for inserts into a cinva ram machine to make “lego” blocks. Precast firebox sloped back. I recently bought a kit from the supplier on your link. Thanks so much for sharing all this information but protecting the rights of other innovators.

I believe she retired immediately thereafter and someone new is running her show. On this last page of the plans, can you give dimensions cinvw where the holes are located [from the edges]? The press, made entirely of steel, basically consists of a mould box with a cover, onto which a toggle lever is rolled.

Hydraulics seem like they would be simpler, but the cinva is xinva in the way it pushes from both sides–greatly reducing the stress and size of steel needed. I am ciinva the middle of building a ram right now.

Is the Original CINVA Ram Still Available for Making Compressed Earth Blocks?

Dear Sirs I’m building a machine with a hydraulic piston and let me know how many inches or centimeters must press That is, how much to raise the bottom plate. The bottom plate travels 6. I love the look of these bricks. Spare parts, replacements and technical advice available on request. The bottom holes just serve to attach feet of your choice, raam their placement isn’t important. I have seen divider plates made think inverted T of plate steel so you make two half-blocks. I beat that youtube link into submission for you with my big hammer.


This may be a stupid question but, how will I know what to weld to what when they get here? Here’s a good start: Master mason Steve Patzer, from the Chicago area, demonstrates his skills.

2006 MHA Annual Meeting

How long is your warranty terms9 A: Ask for Mike Cantrell’s press parts from March 3. I forget her name.

I don’t know how to weld, but want to own a small cinva-ram such as the one you have here. I hope it helps people.

Ok, well that took longer than I intended. I know since I created it, I can give it away.