Protocols. •. CIWA-AR Lorazepam Dosing. Order Sets. •. OSU IP GEN: Alcohol Withdrawal-. Low/Moderate Risk (Utilizing CIWA) []. •. OSU IP GEN: Alcohol . instrument, such as the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol Scale (CIWA-Ar), a measure of withdrawal severity, or some equivalent. Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol. Give Thiamine mg IV initially and qd (po, IM/IV), Folate 1mg qd, MVI qd. Assess current state of withdrawal with CIWA-Ar.

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Ask ‘Does your head feel different? Ask ‘Do you feel sick to your stomach?

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Phenobarbital vs CIWA-Ar Protocol

Moderately fidgety and restless. Evaluation of an alcohol withdrawal protocol and a preprinted order set at a tertiary care hospital.

Other References Kitchens JM. Additional variables that may contribute to risk include age, medical comorbidities like hepatic dysfunction, concomitant medication use, and low seizure threshold. Because it takes only a minute or two to administer, the scale can be used as frequently i.

Those who received phenobarbital also had significantly shorter hospital stays 4. Intermittent nausea with dry heaves. The Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol, revised CIWA-Ar protlcol has ten items, each evaluated independently then aggregated to yield a score correlating with severity of alcohol withdrawal.

Can you give an example of a scenario in which you cciwa it? No anxiety, at ease. Articles by Webber, A. Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Objective To compare the standard of care for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal—a symptom-triggered benzodiazepine protocol used in conjunction with the revised Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol CIWA-Ar scale—with a phenobarbital protocol.


Can’t do serial additions or is uncertain about date. A comparison of rating scales for the alcohol-withdrawal syndrome. When seen in the internal medicine department at 3: About the Creator Peotocol. Moderate, with patient’s arms extended. Not visible, but can be felt fingertip to fingertip.

Dr Erin Knight ; e-mail ac. Related Content Related Article. This article has been peer reviewed. ThomasPharmDJonathon D.

Sellers’s publications, visit PubMed. Med treatment and more Treatment. These might include patients with a clouded sensorium from acute psychosis or severe dementia, those with mechanical communication problems including severe facial trauma limiting speech and vision, and those with intubation.

CIWA-Ar for Alcohol Withdrawal – MDCalc

Are you hearing things you know are not there? With training, nursing staff can readily and reliably perform scoring, but the score should not be used to drive “standing orders”.

Even with an interpreter ciqa, CIWA-Ar might remain impractical, as it requires frequent reassessments and would necessitate hour interpreter coverage. Patients in a variety of settings, including outpatient, emergency, psychiatric, and general medical-surgical units, for whom there cwa clinical concern for alcohol withdrawal.

Strong evidence for the effectiveness of alternative treatment modalities is lacking, despite the availability of promising pharmacological agents such as phenobarbital. Disoriented for date by no more than 2 calendar days. Individualized treatment for alcohol withdrawal. Does it hurt your eyes?


Disoriented for date by more than 2 calendar days. Background Benzodiazepine-based therapy for alcohol withdrawal is associated with agitation and respiratory depression. Or create a new account it’s free.

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Phenobarbital vs CIWA-Ar Protocol

Critical Actions Other conditions can mimic or coexist with alcohol withdrawal, including: Patients frequently under-report alcohol use and physicians often overlook alcohol problems in prktocol. The primary outcome was intensive care unit length of stay.

The patient remained hypertensive and received sporadic as-needed doses because of this. Google Scholar Articles by Tidwell, W. Once dosing adjustments are made for differences in potency and duration of effect, one would expect most could be effective as long as patients are carefully observed to avoid under- or excessive dosing. Mild nausea and no vomiting.

Current Edition November27 6.

Please review our privacy policy. Symptom-triggered therapy for alcohol withdrawal syndrome in medical inpatients. WebberMD William P.

On day 6, the OAWS and treatment with lorazepam was discontinued and the patient was discharged in stable condition on day 8. Severe, even with arms not extended. Very mild harshness or ability or frighten.