Agence de communication événementielle et digitale basée à Paris. VIA event accompagne ses clients dans la conception de leurs événements BtoB et. Gens d’événement est une agence conseil en communication événementielle, responsable, basée à Nantes et à Paris. Nos clients font appel à nous pour notre . CONTACT Tandem communication événementielle , Notre-Dame West, Office Montreal (Quebec) H3C 1H9 Phone: LET’S STAY IN.

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They are swift and unobtrusive. We establish a realtionship with our clients based on understanding and confidence.

Créateur d’événements

To whom we can add other minds and bodies such as copywriters and photographers according to the needs of specific projects.

The one that allows us to discover you, to grasp your emotions, your needs and your desires.

Team Creating an event means knowing how to become fully operational in a smooth, optimised and efficient manner. Surrounding these two entrepreneurs is a team of collaborators who share their vision. Nothing replaces the meeting.

Communication événementielle | Université Catholique de Lille

Behind that gilded cloud, there are ropes and ladders, trapdoors and compartments, and people bustling tirelessly around. The more our customers trust us, the better we are. Our small size allows us the flexibility to react and adapt to unforseen challenges.


We rely on certain yardsticks to guide us through the complex process of event organisation. No gratuitous egenementielle, but a real sense of pleasure and social interaction.

This desire was motivated by a shared taste for creativity and adventure balanced with organization and teamwork. Paris based event planning agency, we provide our clients with a comprehensive event solution in line with their communication strategy. It is up to us to grasp comumnication emotions to define well those that you want to pass and make emerge during your event.


Our job is to bring together the specialists from each area of expertise and coordinate their activites in order to attain evenemntielle goal. Beautiful gifts in beautiful packages, creative and cogent ideas.

COEVA was founded by the mutual desire of Cyril Megret and Julien Potier to enterprise upon their knowledge in marketing, communications and the artistic world. Whatever your brief, whatever your desire. This explains their mantra: You want to be taken? They are busy devising, planning, thinking, and running about.


From Public Relation events, product launches, seminars, team building meetings and retreats to fashion shows, gala dinners, awards ceremonies and more…our range of action is wide. To this end, we pay great attention to both the package and the message! Our in-house staff includes a consultant director, consultant, artistic director, production manager, set designer, set manager, graphic artists, project managers, assistant project managers, and more.

Each team member, whether their field be technical or artistic, is an expert, up-to-date with the latest trends and ready to implement them for any given event. Our customers come to us for our ability to advise them and to convey their fundamental evenementirlle in a pertinent and original manner. Where are the spotlights, the red carpets and all the bling-bling?