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A NO score is earned if any activist was jailed in relation to work covering corruption. The electoral appeals mechanism takes complaints from both candidates and voters but may not always act on complaints promptly. Las Cuentas Sin Sanciones.

Some additional delays may be experienced. The costs of running a campaign are extremely high and result in most average citizens being unable to run an effective campaign for office. Additionally, the perception is that it is difficult to impose sanctions because the priority of the audit on accounts is to review the limits of contributions and to determine the access to public funding, giving a second place to a real review of funding sources.

The Electoral Council is not free from political interference as its members are elected by both chambers of congress from lists ynificado by political parties art. The problem then, unificadp that the extent of reserve is not clearly regulated.

The extremely high costs of running a campaign and the difficult security conditions prevent many candidates from running for office and constitute an incentive for many politicians to ally with armed actors. In February there was an important legal advance to protect the creation of community radio stations, a ruling from the Constitutional Court answering to a right of petition from social organizations compelled the Ministry of Communications to open biddings for the distribution of frequencies of community radio stations in capital cities.

A NO score is earned if there is no appeal process for broadcast media licenses. Another problem is that even when documents are released, information is not available, because records are not properly organized or information is not completely credible. In practice, there is no prior government restraint pre-publication censoring on publishing corruption-related stories.

There is no functioning schedule or deadline for new elections. Although it has not yet been completely decided whether the president will be allowed to run for a second reelection, opponents declare that in case he does, it will give him an advantage over other candidates given his status as candidate-president.


For example, for the presidential elections in Buenaventura, one of the most war-torn municipalities in Colombia, there were 23 terrorist attacks in 15 days 10 of them deactivated by the police and a threat of electoral fraud, but the voting day was calmer than years ago. Records are uniformly available; there are no delays for politically sensitive information.

In order to do so, the law imposed requirements that may limit the ability of minor parties to remain in the electoral competition. Editors and journalists at the major media outlets generally avoid altering coverage in exchange for favors but some exceptions have been noted.

A NO score is earned if privacy laws protect any public figures as defined in the YES coding from accurate information. Voting may be too dangerous, expensive, or difficult for many people. Informe Nacional del Sistema de Cultura Colombia.

GIR Scorecard Colombia |

A NO score is earned if suffrage is denied by law to any group of adult citizens for any reason. According to the Constitution, the law can limit campaign expenditures art. Universita Volumen 1, Numero 3, julio The government does not regularly give reasons for denying an information request to the requestor. Guerra was a peasant leader known for his defence of human rights and his attacks to corrupt institutions and functionaries.

The law also states that all procurement processes are public, and if there is a request, there can be a public audience for adjudication art.

Regime Facile Femme 6 Ans

They are not relevant to changes in public opinion. In law, where a print media license is necessary, there is an appeals mechanism if a license is denied or revoked.

These events show that despite improvements, there are practices that hinder the possibility of all candidates to run on equal grounds for political office. In a forum conducted in Marchseveral journalists from different media discussed the most prominent obstacles to adhere to strict professional criteria. Rights of union organizers are not widely known, or are ineffective in protecting organizers.

According to the Administrative Contentious Code, there can be nullity actions to claim the nullity of a election, when the candidate does not have the legal or constitutional conditions to take office, when there is fraudulent counting or alteration of ballots, or when there is violence against the tellers of votes.

In sum, the Commission is highly de-legitimized in the public. Over the past year, the process of adjudication of a third commercial national TV station has also been characterized by extreme delays and constant changes. According to the most recent report of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders OBS threats derived from the armed conflict as well as government stigmatization continue to be huge constraints for the action of human rights defenders.


The mechanism used for information requests right of petition can be easily used by citizens without any cost, however obtaining information in practice may create costs especially for information on local governments or politically sensitive information. Politically-sensitive information may be withheld without sufficient justification. Appointments are often based on political considerations. This problem is even more acute in regions. A NO score is earned if there were any documented cases during the study period where a person was killed related to a corruption trial, scandal or investigation.

Agencia de Prensa Rural Fecha: There has been an improvement in terms of security for elections, but many citizens are still unable to vote because there are threats from armed groups. Other than pro-government groups, CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption are effectively prohibited, either by official requirements or by unofficial means, such as intimidation or fear.

In other cases, media owners or directors prevent the journalists from covering the news in a proper way. Records can be obtained at little cost, such as by mail, or on-line.

The broadcast of Comunal Councils a space in which he along diam his cabinet meets with community representatives to discuss and suggest solutions to local problems on the institutional channel, as well as his condition as president, favored him in media coverage. However, some printed mass media have played an important role in unveiling the details of the most recent and big corruption scandals that link politicians at all levels with paramilitary forces. Government opponents can be seen by the population as lacking patriotism, stigmatized as guerrilla members, and are subject to pressures and threats.

His wife was also detained in Caqueta.

The Law of develops the article of the Constitution and the right of citizens to oversee public management. The government, through the Ministry of Communications, regulates policy and distribution of concessions for private radio and licenses for community radio and public interest radio Law 82Law 79 of The government regularly restricts political speech by its citizens on the Internet.

Experts on party funding consider that parties only report about 30 percent of their real donations.