Find out the various salary structures in Nigerian civil service according Structure (CONHESS); Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure. The administration of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has approved the procurement of unit of mass transit vehicles for convenient and affordable. The Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Gaidam, on Tuesday, approved the full implementation of the salary structure for all nurses, pharmacist and related medical.

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This is shown in info-graph 13. Salaries of Pharmacists in the private sector vary from those working in government agencies and other parastatals. It does annual reviews of wages and salaries in Civil Service. Federal health professionals and staff who are stationed in rural communities shall be paid this allowance at the rates specified in Annex IX.

A Nurse is an individual with pre-requisite training and certification with a mandate to prevent illness, promote health and alleviate suffering. Please can you help me with how much a medical officer will earn at an Agricultural research Institute.

Nigerian Civil Service Salary Structures

The new salary structure applies to the following categories of personnel”. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Competent, licensed, laboratory professionals are thus the foundation of quality laboratory medicine. Physiotherapists help patients with physical difficulties resulting conhwss illness, injury, disability or aging to improve their movement.

They are quite different from doctors for various reasons, chiefly of which is the inability or dalary to diagnose and prescribe drugs to patients. It is usually exciting to receive a job offer especially after spending time to go through While some other professionals have their roles and activities mutually exclusive from that of the Conhesa Doctors. Rita Uche July 5, – 3: It is the salary structure on which all staff being employed in all training, research and allied institutions by the federal government.


This is besides other allowances such as working in a riverine community and etc. Mohammed Jamil May 23, – 3: The new allowances are applicable as enumerated hereunder:. It is the dedicated salary structure for all dental and medical staff members under the employment of the federal government.

Though some others do earn more than or less than the average based on their years of experiences. You just received a job offer. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. About ngcareers Ngcareers is Nigeria’s top jobs and careers community for working professionals and jobseekers to find interesting opportunities, discover and share insights based on their career interests.

Pharmacy as a profession is practiced in a wide range of settings: The chief factors are the experience of the nurses and the sector public or private they work in. This is the acronym for Consolidated Judicial Salary Structure. Tosin February 12, – Follow the link for more information http: I know it would be a big yes!

The specialist allowance, shown in annex applies only to health profesionals who are employed as consultants in line with the schemes of service used in the cojhess service of the federation. It is, therefore, payable as contained in Info-graph 6, where a staff is not provided accommodation at Government expense.

Its creation was based on the recommendations made at various times by ad-hoc Commissions or Panels set up by Government from time to time sinceto deal with issues relating to salaries and wages steucture Nigerian workers. Nursing as a profession came into existence as early as human existence. The highest paying hospital as of today is the Federal Neuropsychiatric hospital in Lagos whose starting salary is said to be aroundmonthly.


This is the acronym for Consolidated Health Salary Structure.

Nigerian Civil Service Salary Structures

This is the salary structure on which all top government officials are placed. Here, most Medical laboratory scientists in entry-level positions earn below 80, monthly while those in middle-level positions earn around the average amount and those in senior-level positions earn aroundand above monthly. Please what is the sum payable as first 28 days to a GL 04 civil servant state thanks. The applicable rates are as follows in info-graph 11. This salary sructure was implanted in and it is still in use till now.

Hello Prince, Thanks for contacting us. The president, commander in cheif of the armed forces of the federal republic of nigeria has approved a new salary structure for health professionals and staff in the federal public service following the collective agreement between the federal ministry of health and the joint health sector unions on 2nd December It is a grade salary structure with each scale consisting of a number of steps ranging from 15 for the lower grades to 9 for the highest grades.

However, in a typical Hospital or other related Health Centers, there are other medical professionals that work with the Doctors in the achievement of the general goals. The details are as follows:.