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The EU is aware of the media reports referred to by the Angfd Member regarding the case of Mikalay Hayduk, as well as of reports of other similar cases. Now their harmful effect on the development of children’s brains is known. Variable costs are costs which depend on the volume of production.

What comments would it make? For years it has devoted itself to developing sport and its values, from activities for children to amateur tournaments for adults, bringing out the noblest principles of the various sporting disciplines. The RBMP of Catalonia, as reported by the Spanish authorities, does not provide information on a project such as the one referred to in the question.

This will address the whole basin of the Mediterranean Sea. In primo luogo, l’imposizione di una quota di sterilizzazioni femminili costituisce una violazione dei diritti degli operatori sanitari che li obbliga a modificare i fascicoli o a manipolare le donne per farle acconsentire alla procedura.

The underlying purpose of this proposal is to set up, through the regulation, a one-stop-shop system which will ensure that citizens will always be able to consult the national data protection authority when they have a problem with a company or other entity, irrespective of the physical location of the citizen or the company or entity.

Solicitud directa (CEACR) – Adopción: 2013, Publicación: 103ª reunión CIT (2014)

The Commission is, finally, not aware of any of FIFA’s officials, or staff members holding a position within the Commission. In particular, will it take into account the cumulative cocktail effects of endocrine disruptors in its assessment of the chemicals which it is envisaging replacing? Hoewel de lidstaten en de steden grote inspanningen hebben geleverd, doen zich nog veel problemen voor op het gebied van integratie.

There has been a steady increase in the number of complaints by citizens about the unfair practices of debtor information companies and law firms engaged in asset recovery. As shown by the OECD in its International Migration Outlooklabour market demand strongly affects the choice of country for migration. For an integrated and sustainable response addressing the multiple needs of marginalised people, support for housing infrastructure can be coupled with investment by the European Social Fund in areas such as active inclusion, the integration of marginalised communities and access to quality services.


Is the Commission aware that, cknvenio the entry into force of this law, teachers have been dismissed and replaced by teachers affiliated with the church authority overseeing the school concerned? It also reinforces victim protection and provides for measures against repeat offences, such as mandatory evaluation of offenders and easier access for organisers of volunteer activities involving children to the criminal records of potential volunteers.

Pese convenoi lo preocupante del dato, las grandes superficies salen bien posicionadas si se comparan con su sector: While it cannot be excluded that some irregularities such as those reported by Human Rights Watch may occur, the Government of India does not condone these practices. Hierbij moet gedacht worden aan bijvoorbeeld afschrijvingskosten van gebouwen of machines.

Kan de Commissie aangeven volgens welke bedrijfeconomische theorie subsidies leiden tot kostenverlaging?

All EU Member States have put a regulatory framework in place at least equivalent to this framework of protection. De kan endvidere suspendere eller annullere transportvirksomhedens autorisation eller godkendelsescertifikatet for transportmidlet. Ben ik nog steeds op het goede spoor?

Proper functioning of the internal market. The proposal also contains the possibility to differentiate the value of entitlements at regional level; for this purpose Member States may define regions in accordance 20013 objective and non-discriminatory criteria.

Does FIFA or any of its current convennio former officials receive, or has it or they ever received, direct or indirect EU funding?

Wenn ja, wird eine genaue Auflistung erbeten. In both andParliament adopted resolutions calling for Japan to provide guarantees that the agreement will be negotiated in a way that reflects the interests of both parties, and which takes account of the most vulnerable sectors, such as the automotive sector. The Minister claimed that the power to make decisions regarding oil prospecting activities lay solely with the Spanish State, not the European Union.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Recycling is being carried out increasingly systematically, and the treatment of certain materials and components is becoming technically more and more sophisticated, thus creating a growing number of jobs. Autor Marina Valero Contacta al autor. It was indicated that the Commission intended to introduce proposals for making the current regulations more effective before the end of the year. The Commission is aware of the multiple pressures affecting coastal zones and marine and coastal ecosystems, including habitat loss and degradation, coastal erosion, pollution, overexploitation of fish stocks and climate change.


In June, the Commission adopted the new integrated EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beingswhich outlines a set of actions to be taken. Despite its voluntary character, the Commission proposals foresee that Member States may introduce a mandatory regime at national level.

Up to now, the relevant Bulgarian authorities have taken on the role suggested by the Honourable Member.

The position taken by the Commission is already set out in detail in the ruling. The EU called on Syria to cooperate fully with Turkey and allow full access for an immediate investigation.

La mitad de contratos de firmas como Ikea, Carrefour o Fnac son a tiempo parcial

Within a few days, the rubber dinghy had begun to deflate and, given the lack of water, many began to die of dehydration. Het bevreemdt mij daarom dat mevrouw Kroes in haar antwoord niet is ingegaan op mijn vragen over de acties die de Commissie onderneemt in de richting van de Chinese autoriteiten.

Nel caso in cui le violenze non dovessero cessare, l’UE potrebbe imporre sanzioni a livello commerciale nei confronti dell’Etiopia? Is the Convenil aware of this problem, and has it planned or is it planning any measures fonvenio this area?

Landslides and erosion in coastal areas. In addition, they may suspend or withdraw the authorisation of the transporter or the certificate of approval of the means of transport. Customs checks in cnovenio toy import sector in Europe.

Dal la Commissione realizza azioni preparatorie nel settore dello sport. New pest infestation of cork oak trees. The Commission proposes that such an opportunity be continued in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund which will come into operation in They include, for example, costs of depreciation of buildings or machinery. However, this regulation does not explicitly extend protection to passengers who are affected by flight diversions, and airlines are required only to transport passengers to the airport specified on the ticket at no extra cost.

If so, has there been a response to the Turkish authorities and what has this response been? The ongoing work carried out by independent auditors and consultants will precise the amount needed by the Spanish credit institutions.

If the aspects mentioned by the Honourable Member have an important impact on trade relations, the issues can be addressed in the already existing trade dialogues that the Commission maintains with all major trade partners.