FTA Satellite Source offers the best in Free to Air Support for your Coolsat Pro FTA Receiver. File downloads, keys, firmware, tutorials, nagra2 bins, etc are . SERVICE MANUAL. TROUBLE SHOOTING. Coolsat. 6. 3. TROUBLE SHOOTING . Exterior Test. Check the condition of install, joining of connectors, broken. Coolsat // Manual Coolsat Guides & Discussions.

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Colsat manual scan mode is also a method to add any missing or local channels that may not be in your channel data. Load Thru Manjal Port. The Legacy SW should remain Off as this function is intended to be used with external SW switches instead of a diseqc switch used to switch between dishes using single lnbs. Tuning to this channel for a few minutes will also enable the EPG list to populate faster.

Below are pictures of the Coolsat Pro Manaul v2. I would recommend not using the Default Channel option of the loader as this function doolsat needed by the bin software to operate the EPG program manuxl. For two or more Legacy type lnbs, set diseqc switch 1. Similarly, unused Satellites now may be deleted, if you wish. Unzip the tool and place it in a handy place on your personal computer so you can locate it easily.

All errors, mistakes and omissions are mine alone. You will run only 1 cable from one mamual of the lnbs without using any external switch to the receiver if using only 1 dish. When antenna setting for the satellite is complete, press exit to save and confirm.

In the receiver, set antenna settings for Lnb 1 for and Lnb 2 for and the others the same as you connected to in ports on the switch. A loaded channel list will revert to custom channel list order when the feature is toggled off. Exit out of menu. Brief Note Concerning N2 Keys: What coolsaf a PID? Note the following illustration shows no signal being received with signal indicator in red and no satellite name appears in the upper right hand of the dish setting window since this satellite is not connected on my antenna system at this time.


With remote, got into the manual scan option and scroll to the satellite you want to add the channels for. The bin file will have a. I strongly advise and warn you not to flash channel lists to the default channel bin as this feature is now filled with satellite data information required by the EPG software which is loaded with the bin flash.

Transponders receiving no signal will be in red and show no signal. You mqnual see a red light after some lines and clock if receiver was previously used. Turn off receiver with maual reset coo,sat and disconnect RS Cable from your personal computer and unplug from wall outlet.

The scan will pick up converted transponders used by Dishpro Lnbs automatically for lnbs using the LOF of By default, the loader tool will open in Software tab with receiver selected. If you choose to use a custom channel list, you must make sure the satellite names are the same as used in the default list for EPG to work correct.

You now have a completely named channel list with local spot beams, etc. This is up to your personal taste. To enter the keys, use the Info button for letters A-F. Screens can be displayed showing up to 9 different screens beginning at the channel you are currently tuned to and will run upwards showing consecutive channels from the channel you are tuned to.

Coolsat software, fta pay receiver tv

To determine converted frequency, subtract the horizontal frequency number from 25, Satellite Base Address to obtain the new converted frequency number. This will open the Channel Edit Window.

With cooolsat power off, connect the cable from your personal computer to the RS port on the receiver. Be sure to check before doing a conversion.

Coolsat 4000 program, coolsat key

My tests reveal only one channel will actually carry a current broadcast and the feature appears 400 to me without active displays on all screens. As with the N1 bins, the new Super Bin and updates to the bin software allows us to update the N2 keys manually by accessing the CAS via the remote by entering as if entering a channel selection to access the Key Edit window. While in Installation, click Ok. Manual Update of N2 Keys: When data is entered, click on OK, and the receiver will save and when complete, it will begin scanning in the transponder frequency you just created.

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Turn off the receiver with the front button or remote and manually turn off power to the receiver with the rear power switch button before making any disconnects of cable in and cable out from the receiver. We have seen the original third party coders for Coolsat move to support a different receiver and a new group of coders come on the scene with Coolsat support with release of the new Super Bin for Coolsat.

I think ciolsat is what you’re looking for Use channel up down, volume up and down to navigate through menu. Use the Lyngsat chart http: Do not interrupt until the Finish window opens. Channel Master Editing Program and Coolsat SharpC is the author of the Channel Master Editing Program and his editing program has become the editing program of choice for many testers who prepare their own custom channel lists.

If it is a first time flash of receiver, a choose language option will appear, select language and then OK. Since TP 1 R for is a spot beam transponder, many did not receive any signal strength or signal coolast for on TP 1 because they are not in the regional spot beam. Send a private message to mmiller3fta. Signal strength and satellite confirmation will show when signal path from lnb to receiver is set correct.

If you want to do it manually go to www.