COWS, PIGS, WAR AND WITCHES: The Riddles of Cultures [Marvin Harris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches has ratings and reviews. Paquita Maria said: There are several reasons why I wasn’t going to review this book. On. Pig farming was a threat to the integrity of the basic cultural and natural But cows, pigs, wars, or witches, the answers to our riddles do not lie.

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The End of Capitalism: India is a family-farm based economic system with too high a population and too small an industrial infrastructure to support a meat-packing industry like we see in America.

It also proved to me, once again, how much we don’t know as opposed to how much we do. Witchcraft fit the bill nicely. Harris does great job of describing the material bases for numerous cultural phenomena, beginning with the sacred cows of Hinduism, and moving on through the roots of the worship and hatred of pigs, messianic military leadership and Christianity, to witchcraft, anti-witch pogroms, and the counter-culture. Perhaps half a million people died, in probably hundreds of Jewish uprisings, all led by religious insurgents called Messiahs.

This logic is then extended to elucidate why the institution of warfare probably first arose as a way to limit population pressure on the environment.

Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture

This discussion of patriarchy leads to an exploration of class. Harris argues that constant warfare between pockets of ostracized Jewish people and the all-powerful Romans led to the embracing of multiple warlord Messiahs who manifested themselves as means to rally soldiers to fight for land and goods being taxed from under them by their pagan oppressors.


The last few chapters, however, feel like a critical rant by an academic and he certainly was one who’s gotten on his high horse, gone ane a too-smart-for-anyone-but-himself smug tangent, and lost the thread and the reader altogether.

The presented theory as to why pigs were regarded as unclean in the old Judeo-Christian tradition is built on the agricultural needs of the Biblical middle east. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A long line cu,ture Jews fashioned themselves as restorers of the Jewish state and wished to free it from the caprice of Roman satraps, with Jesus and John the Baptist being the two whose names have survived the ravages of history.

Lists with This Book. This book seemed to me to be an old white guys anthropological “opinion,” giving Western explanations for cultural practices. Witchcraft wasr the bill nicely.

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October 5, at These and other riddles are explored by famous anthropologist Marvin Harris, and his conclusions are simple: Later on, when Christianity had become the official religion of the Roman Empire, its emphasis shifted once more to be compatible with witcues the largest military on Earth as it colonized the Mediterranean and killed insurgents.

A prolific writer, he was highly influential in the development of cultural materialism. Better build the warning into religion, since these illiterate peasants won’t understand the ecological ramifications no matter how many times we explain them. I won’t give any spoilers but I want to say, if such a strong ambition to search for cultyre doesn’t deserve respect, then I don’t what does.

Said outline will not encompass the entirety of the arguments set forth in this book, because this review is not the book, and I am not Marvin Harris. Harris is especially good at explaining how societies create elaborate rituals to avoid harming the natural ecosystems they depend on, which clarifies the Middle Eastern coes on pig products.


At the time feudalism was in crisis and huge peasant movements like the Anabaptists, led by messiah-like zealots, were gaining large followings against their noble and clergy overlords.

Tales from a Thousand and One Nights. In short, because of the way their economy is localized around the family unit instead of our food-industrial complex, they place a different value on the cow.

I enjoyed Wzrs, Pigs, Wars, and Witches because it gave me plenty to think about. During the time that new farms are being set up and preparations made for the next great feast, the old farms will be granted a sufficient resting period so that they may be re-conquered and reused decades later. Labeling demographic and production factors as infrastructure, Harris posited these factors as key in determining a society’s social structure and culture.

Table of Contents for: Cows, pigs, wars & witches : the riddles

Crisis and Opportunity Part 2A. I can’t get into the writing style, and reading a year-old anthro book doesn’t appeal to me.

The Riddles cowe Culture ; Good to Eat: Email required Address never made public. Magazine — Justice, Sustainability, Positivity. The main thing Harris I picked this up again last week and enjoyed it greatly. Interview of Alex Knight Part 1.

I finally checked it out. One, I am not an Anthropologist.