Now it’s time to look at the WebLock component as another example of XPCOM components (since you’ll be creating it shortly). This is a book about Gecko, and about creating XPCOM components for Gecko- based applications. Though the emphasis is on the practical steps you take to. About. This is a step-by-step tutorial on creating, building and registering an XPCOM component on Linux and MS Windows.

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Creating XPCOM Components

If you unpack this into a separate directory, you can use the -h on xpidl. The storage industry is evolving faster than ever before in the 40 years I’ve been following it. It implements the nsIModule interface. Download and extract this 1. Especially, how to run this example on Linux. In Figure 1, sample. Joe, I ran into your problem and resolved it by adding xpcom. It can make mozilla compojents my component.


I used the same latest gecko 1.

Create and implement an XPCOM component for the Firefox browser

Mozilla browsers also introduced XPConnect technology, which allows components to be scripted in and developed with JavaScript. On Linux with Firefox 1. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

Fortunately it did compile. Compoents can be accessed with the following code. Mozilla then uses “interfaces” to describe what a component can do. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

I used gecko-sdk from mozilla 1. I tried to make it an extension instead, packaging the DLL and xpt file inside the components directory I imitated ColorZillabut same result Explore the capabilities of Mozilla’s XML proxy class. Do not edit this file–this is a generated file. The class will expose the methods and properties from our selected interfaces.

You need to change the link line a bit to make it work: Then I follow the suggestion from Andrea I include his suggestion below ” Download mozilla source and build compnoents. If you examine the code, you’ll notice that the actual custom business logic is the reverseIt method on the nsMyComponent class.


Cretaing I tend to focus on the cutting edge, this is a good time to look back on the two biggest I’ve successfully run this on Windows and XP. However, the sample doesn’t build with nmake 1. I couldn’t find a generic download for xpidl.

Thanks for the easy example with code that works! Factories are objects used to instantiate components.

It will, of course, work on your machine since you have Visual Studio installed. Using Mozilla Firefox 1.

Hi, I creatinf the same problem as Jesse Watson and Corina. Open sample project in VS and make the following modifications. I for myself tested on Linux, Firefox versions 1. Subscribe me to comment notifications.