The Complete Psionics Handbook is a supplemental rulebook for the 2nd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, published in by. The Complete Psionics Handbook (5e) – A simple, straightforward, playable psionics framework for 5th Edition using the Player’s Handbook. I wrote this in for AD&D 2nd Edition, having never read TSR’s Psionics Handbook. Be amused. This was reformatted for the web in.

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If you try any of it out, I’d love to hear how it worked for you.

The Psionics Handbook (2E)

A lot of powers are identical. I’ve had a bit of an issue finding a good guideline for effect damage. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Character sheet for the ninja from Complete Adventurer. Can never be combined with wizard or priest, even with the human dual-class ability. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat Psychokinesis is basically synonymous with telekinesis. You didn’t actually put any text in your comment regarding this discipline, so could you please explain what you’re trying to go for here? The success rate is lowered by double the target’s intelligence score.

D&D Expanded Psionics Handbook

This is to mirror the limitations of the Spell Points rule variant presented in the DMG, which only allows psuonics caster to use spell points to create spell slots of each level of 6th or higher once per day. Because of the psionicists’ control over their minds, they have several innate abilities.

If the player attempts to teleport to an exact location, the success rate is quartered. Create a monk archetype with a psionic theme.


The Psionics Handbook (2E) – Zioth

We’ll go with this. Both editions have several telekinesis powers, but in 3. On a failed save, the target becomes charmed by you for the duration. Alter Perceptions The new effect feels much more appropriate to the theme and seems very cool. For those curious, the best feedback I ever got was: Anyway, glad you like it! The effects of encumberence last for three turns after items are dropped, so it does not help to suddenly drop everything right before a battle the effects last at least to the end of the battle no matter how many turns pass, because staying alive during a battle is exhausting enough they the character would not have time to recover from encumbrance.

Stoneskin is a similar effect, but Stoneskin costs an action, consumes gp, and costs the equivalent of 6 psi points. Character sheet for the soulknife from the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

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Those have a minimum level qualifyer in their decriptions. Psionic Assault Good point on the wording problem, and Psychic Crush needing a boost.

Undead and oozes have disadvantage on this saving throw. And 6d10 does an average of 33 damage, so is the instant death thing really necessary? You really need to justify not just re-skinning a Wizard with the spell points option. In fact, the Psionics Handbook wasn’t really compatible with 3.

If that makes sense. As an action, unleash the raw energy in psiinics area, annihilating your foes. At 13, 15, and 17, the mystic gains additional uses of Power Surge, with an increased psi limit for each one.

Thanks for putting this together. You cannot reduce dd hit points below 1 with this effect, and you may not transfer temporary hit points. Even the Champion’s Survivor ability only regenerates up to half max HP, and that’s a level 18 ability! For every hit point drained the psionicist can decide how many to used4 damage points are inflicted.


The sensed location can not move, unless the psionicist makes another attempt, subject to a new success roll. Otherwise, the psionicist can not instantly return to his body. Metapsionics I’m guessing this is just an editing mistake. Handhook get into some specific examples later, but it feels like about a quarter of the disciplines just do something that another discipline already does, with the only difference often just being hqndbook damage type. Ahh, the new wording is much more clear.

Hm, I hadn’t thought of writing it like that. Cite All Content and Art. Technically, the table for this discipline shows that the minimum psi points that can be used is 2, so it should probably be “C “. I appreciate it greatly. If a power fails due to a success roll of that gives misdirection or misinformation does not apply to levitation etcthen the power will yield the same error for the next 24 hours.

Added rules for multiclassing with psionics. Description This ability enables the psionicist to concentrate apon a location and see anything within 30ft of that point, but twice as blury as with normal vision, so that small objects can not be seen, and facial features can not be made out.

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