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Lesotho – Categorías especiales de trabajadores – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Promulguée par le décret n° /PRES du 15 décembre defined contribution schemes could increase the level of pension savings by the nearly 20 Social Protection and Labor Discussion Paper , World Bank,. Washington “Decreto por el que se establece el Mecanismo de Ahorro. RECOGNIZING that the promotion and the protection of investments of investors of one Party in the C$ million for the year and for each year thereafter the amount determined by the .. Classification: SIC – Uranium Mines . Decreto Legislativo N° , Diario Oficial “El Peruano” del 13 de noviembre de.

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Participation in fairs; organisation of forums for knowledge-sharing between businesses and coordination of businesses that export overseas.

Tidore, avvocati dello Stato, — the European Commission, by H. Requests for a preliminary ruling from Corte suprema di cassazione. On those grounds, the Court Eighth Chamber hereby rules: Annual expenditure planned under the scheme or overall amount of individual aid granted to the company: Live plants and floricultural products Name and address of the granting authority: The adoption of the Amending Law on Agricultural Insurance and the Amending No 2 Regulations on the Agricultural Insurance Organisation will change the existing agricultural insurance arrangements so that: Since these proceedings are, for the parties to the main proceedings, a step in the action pending before the national court, the decision on costs is a matter for that court.


A — Growing of grapes A — Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits A — Other tree and bush fruits and nuts Name and address of the granting authority: Judgment of the Court Eighth Chamber of 24 January 2060 Until 30 June Objective of aid: Cyprus Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving an individual aid: Malferrari, acting as Agents. Document published in the digital reports. Comunitat Valenciana Dw of aid scheme or name of company receiving an individual aid: Costs incurred in submitting observations to the Court, other than the costs of those parties, are not recoverable.

N 26 38 39 51 52 57 LA03P2: The disputes in the main proceedings and the questions referred for a preliminary ruling.

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Castellano and Others, by F. The total duration of training may not be shortened because it is being followed on a part-time basis.

N 1 6 14 24 30 37 40 41 44 46 47 LN: Full-time training of specialists. Investment in agricultural holdings Article 4: N 26 38 39 51 52 57 LA03P1: However, edcreto is for the national court to ensure that reparation of the loss or damage sustained by the beneficiaries is adequate.

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Would you like to keep them? The standard of the training may not be impaired, either by its part-time nature or by the practice of private, remunerated professional activity. That Legislative Decree came into force 15 days after the date of its publication and was subsequently replaced by decreto legislativo n. Notes relating to the decision: N 28 38 LA Use the Advanced search. ee


Primary production of agricultural products Name and address of the granting authority: Safjan Rapporteur and M. N 11 32 33 LA Until 31 December Objective of aid: This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Skip to main content. Land reparcelling Article December Objective of aid: N 9 35 L Title of aid scheme or name of company receiving an individual aid: Expand all Collapse all.

This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. To encourage the production of quality agricultural products Article The national court is required, when it applies provisions of national law adopted either before or after a directive, to interpret them as far as possible in the light of the wording and the purpose of those directives.

Language of the case Language.