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The problems gathered by the Medical Commission and the Directive Commission of the Civil Hospital of Lisbon, afterwards turned into General Civil Hospitals of Lisbon Directorate in terms of the number of patient admissions, the available financial budget and the decrreto concerning its supplying continued to existing in the next years.

jessicadm87 – French to Italian translator.

From that resulted the adoption for the resolution of the two most important problems of the hospitals — the growth of patients and the selection of admissions —, the following tools: In ogni caso, le dichiarazioni del Tesoro e della sicurezza sociale sono sempre fatte sotto riserva delle imposte e altri crediti non stabiliti il giorno della dichiarazione. The Civil Hospitals of Lisbon: Having in mind the fascist dictatorship characteristics that would be ruling Portugal for forty eight years, above all in terms of the retrocession produced in the field of the social politics, it seems to be symptomatic this nomination to be in charge.

Ogni clausola contraria risulta nulla.

The State, in that period, determined above all the institutional framing of the poor and beggar, deciding the repression of those considered false beggar and vagrants4. Decretto Promote or demote ideas. The debt from this origin of the municipalities was in 1 Julyof about recreto That circumstance maintained as a central worry of the hospital matrons and directors over the next years, as would be a common issue on the Medical Commission and Directive Commission sessions of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon The Decreeof 13 Julyintegrates in the Labour Secretary of State the aid and health services, turning the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon and its General Directorate into its rule.


In truth, however, the nursing school would only by a reality after the hospitals reform, and also an attached clinical service. The minister of the Kingdom himself, Hintze Ribeiro, supported this work between andbut this was never discussed in a Parliament 624-1 More translators and interpreters: However, it was under the State rule that were the administration of the more modern and supplied units: X Sign in to your ProZ.

Trying to solve the rising growth of patients from outside Lisbon in the Hospital, the municipalities and the local mercies would be also responsible for the payment of the exceeding expenses to this annual value Essi non possono quindi che competere per le distribuzioni successive a loro richiesta.

In mancanza di accordo o in caso di contestazione, la richiesta viene posta davanti al 62-12 che decide sulla sorte del contratto, in vista delle osservazioni del creditore, del debitore e del legale rappresentante immesso.

After the declaration of the Republic, it suffered the loss of that naming, passing only to Arroios Hospital in Determinazione del patrimonio del debitore Sezione 1 Verifica e ammissione dei crediti Articolo L.

Atol Palmyra

Il les informe des instances en cours auxquelles il est partie. Only those who were recognized as in this situation could benefit from free public aid, because of the principles of the society and dominant order of refusing and repressing the poorness and idleness. Il comitato di fabbrica, o in mancanza, i delegati del personale, o in mancanza, i dipendenti, possono solo procedere alla sostituzione dei proprio rappresentanti.

Il decteto legale comunica al giudice e al pubblico ministero le osservazioni che gli vengono trasmesse in qualunque fase del procedimento dai controllori. The Directive Commission of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, by a decision of its 27 April meeting, would ask to the Government to act in law to put the diary pensions requested to the poor inhabitants of the municipalities of Portugal decretl all Hospitals, excepting dereto Miguel Bombarda Madhouse, the determined ones in the beginning of every year by the Commission, to the patients of the general wards.


Log In Sign Up. But the truth and reality is deceto the majority of the units of the country only with great willingness could be designed as hospital, corresponding more to a dispensary or clinical station badly outfitted, with a small medical staff and allowing bad quality health caring. This Commission would act in all issues of technical and professional origin, connected with the Central Aid Office of Lisbon by its president and directly decreti all 21 See Acta da 6.

In questo caso, si applicano le disposizioni del capitolo VII del presente titolo. Il tribunale si pronuncia dopo aver ascoltato o debitamente chiamato il debitore.

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By both criteria, the Hospitals are worthy to the Society. It was attended above all by the poor and indigent, once the other population stratus attending the private medicine, always when they could afford those expenses. Le persone fisiche debitrici o che abbiano consentito una sicurezza personale o che abbiano assunto o ceduto un bene in garanzia possono prevalersi delle disposizione del presente comma.

Long it would be also the evolution of the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon, which as autonomous entity only prevailed until Section 2 Des droits du conjoint Article L.