Prayers for Rain. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Once a perky young woman. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie wants to know why. Once a perky young woman in love with life. Prayers for Rain [Dennis Lehane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a former client jumps naked from a Boston landmark, Private.

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Prayers for Rain

And if you’re interested in this genre, do take the time to read the works of Andrew Vacchs start at the beginning folks! So when Patrick is threatened, and all those around him threatened if he doesn’t back off, what does he do? What Lehane Does Well Characters–His characters are some of the most well thought out–Lehane clearly puts a great deal of thought into his characters, minor characters such as a hotel inkeeper and his wife have a complete and thorough backstory.

Dennis pisses me off, and that’s a good thing. His sense of fatigue is palpable, and we all know that after Grace and Mae left, and his life finally became meaningful with Angela, that his current romances will somehow be only shadows of who he and Angela are praysrs.

Prayers for Rain – Wikipedia

Awesome penultimate offering ; featuring the reunion we wanted. Once everything was falling into place at the end, I thought Hey. The scene reminded me of some of the virtuoso dialogues in Denise Mina’s novels.


The novelist is almost invisible. As they look more into Karen’s background and family history, they realize they’re not chasing an ordinary killer, and they must put all their skills to practice in order to bring him to justice. So until then, I’m picking through his work, and I’ve very much enjoyed this series so far. It’s a fast read, as always with Lehan’s books. Like all great mystery writers, Lehane showed me the way with one hand while picking my pocket with the other.

Lehane’s Kenzie and Gennaro series is best described as being in the Noir series of detectives I am reminded of Andrew Vacchs as another excellent member of this genre. Retrieved from ” https: I don’t love you because of your hair, though. Because you make me laugh. So, you know, there’s only one left and it looks like, at this point, I’ll be waiting for a good time to read it, because I wouldn’t dare ruin the final Patrick book.

Jun 14, Mara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kenzie imagines that taking one shot with the M would “break his shoulder”.

I like Dennis Lehane’s writing style. I loved it, and only later realized it is considered his best work. To ask other readers questions about Prayers for Rainplease sign up.

Jan 04, Bill rated it really eain it Shelves: This makes me want to read more books from the series hopefully I can read them in order. Karen sends Patrick a check signed with little hearts on it. Not long after, Karen is found dead after an apparent suicide. Say this for Lehane he writes a good villain. Hell, you can’t get enough of the team finally working together again.


Perhaps part of my enjoyment of this novel stems from Lehane’s use of the numerous geographical sites in and around Boston which are totally familiar to me. I will always pick up a Lehane book, can’t help it. I’ve been in no mood leyane tedious and detailed books seeing as I am tired beyond reason all the time now, and when I picked lehnae up and felt like I was getting nowhere knowing these books like I do and loving them all I should have known to call it quits and save it for a vacation or a holiday.

Please Lehane, I think you’re an amazing author, but do not spoil my favorite character. He must have some terrible demons and ghosts in his past.

It was a good decision. The plot twists are implausible and just plain silly. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. pryaers

They were on the floor to the left of the silent motor, chopped off above the wrists and neatly vennis, palms down, on the floorboards.