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You can also use the target pistol to kill these enemies.

Kill him and beat the game: First thing I see is that I dont have a map. There are many different weapon varieties of weapons that offer many types of attacks and combination attacks. Good thing I wanted to see the rest of the 2nd floor nightmare before going back to normal: Now look at your map and go to the “”Storage” Room on your right, use the door on the right to go out onto the stage and you will have another flashback, keep running until you reach the “Curtain control” Room you will find Jagged Wood and enter the “Curtain control” Room.

Travis father’s glasses fall off as he begins to spasm. After Travis drops through the hole of the Cleopatra Room and lands — – in the Rose Suite below – Travis lands on the floor of the Rose Suite bathroom then dust himself off and steps out of the room. Travis touches the bloody handprint on the mirror and his image on the other side begins to spasm then he is pulled into Otherworld.


Log In Sign Up. Instead of merely telling you the solution to a particular puzzle I provide hints instead of outright spoiling it, so I will try to point you in the right direction before I give you the lowdown. Don’t get near the Carrions and they will usually leave you alone.

Make sure to save your game on the way back through the Curtain Control. Turning the flashlight on will light up any dark area but keep in mind that oeigins will also attract nearby enemies.

B Ward” we are going to run to the double doors right beside it, enter doors and go to the stairs and go down to the part of the basement we havnt seen yet!. Now use the mirror.

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

After beginning the game — a radio conversation Travis: Please, help me understand. Another Ariel will appear off to the left while exiting the Director’s Office. Lying on the middle table in the library Manifestations and Delusions Area: For now, enter the Basement Middle Storage and collect the items there then exit the room.

Travis looks to the top of the Hospital stairs and sees Alessa. Butcher – Receive the Bad dehonado. An Ariel will attack in each of the rooms on the way to the both the save point and the Men’s Dressing Room.

Detonados ps2

Walk over to the east and find the switches on the stage controls. Head to the northeast and open up the next few doors while heading east and staying along the corridors. Look at your map, find the “Catwalk” and go there.


Watch out for about 3 bug backed lee-roys and enter room “” dehonado the mummy and get the first aid kit.

If not hate thee. The figure turns its back revealing no face and Travis jumps back Travis: Someone needs a hug.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

Interact with the mirror in the northeast portion of the room to go to Otherworld. The man presses the elevator button Dr.

Let’s get the hell out of this crazy town On the wall between Rooms 4 and 3. Enter the “Costume Storage” room and you will find a mirror, I will use the mirror after I check out the other rooms on the 2nd floor sileht.

Lying on the bench behind the box office Motel Map Area: What could’ve killed it – I wonder? I can leave whenever I want.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Open the door directly in front of the staircase. She must have been brought here. Use one of the staircases to go up to the second floor of the outside pool area. While walking away, pick up the nearly invisible Dehonado by the left metal piece on the wall – watch for Travis to look over at it.

The Manager Office to the north in this room is locked, so exit the room by stepping out into the area to the west of the Reception room.